How To Clean A Toilet Seat?


Toilet Seat Cleaning Tips

Toilets are a hothouse for germs and bacteria, often being used by multiple household members, and the site for excretive processes, which requires regular sanitation. So, how do you make sure your toilet is as clean as possible? The answer is to clean every part of it, including the aspect you come into direct contact with – the seat.

Why Does A Toilet Seat Need To Be Cleaned?

It is important to understand that, even after just one use, the toilet can host different forms of bacteria and germs. Especially if you live with other people, these bacteria can multiply and cause health issues if the toilet is not cleaned regularly. These bacteria can only access you via physical contact with the toilet, and this is through the toilet seat itself and the toilet’s flush handle. In households with young children, who do not yet understand the importance of keeping the toilet clean or sometimes neglect to wash their own hands without supervision, this makes the risk of disease or infection much higher. You can find more tips on Project for Home on how you can keep your toilet clean all day long.

How Often Should You Be Cleaning The Toilet?

Experts suggest that because the toilet becomes prone to holding bacteria after each use, it can be a good idea for those worried about bacteria to use a gentle (as in non-irritating to the skin) disinfecting wipe on the surfaces of the toilet you come into contact with – i.e., the seat and the flush. Otherwise, a quick clean every two to three days is recommended, or a deeper clean every week, including full disinfection of the entire toilet. Some toilet seat parts are vulnerable to stains, which can build up over time if ignored. The seat’s underside, often not visible, is usually the target for splashes from defecation and urination. The consistent subjection to this builds up stains that won’t be removed without some specialist products and elbow grease if neglected. It is much easier, therefore, to maintain a good hygienic standard to help yourself in the long term. (Source)

How To Clean A Toilet Seat With Bleach?

One of the best ways to clean a toilet seat is with bleach, an effective product for sanitizing porcelain and disinfecting areas. We recommend pouring a small amount of bleach into a container and diluting it with water. You can remove the toilet seat completely and submerge it in the solution, letting it soak for ten to fifteen minutes. Then you can remove it and scrub the area with a cloth or brush. This method is best for stubborn stains as you can repeat until the seat looks good as new! When you are satisfied, you can rinse the seat with water and dry it with a towel before reattaching it to the toilet. During this process, you can add undiluted bleach into the toilet bowl to clean it as you work with the seat.

How To Clean A Toilet Seat With Vinegar?

Vinegar contains ingredients that can naturally alleviate stains. Pour some white distilled vinegar onto a paper towel and apply it all over the toilet seat. Leave it for a couple of hours (and perhaps notify your household before so they don’t disrupt the process), and then scrub it off with a brush or sponge. Add some more vinegar and scrub if needed, otherwise clean with a disinfectant, and voila! The only downside with using vinegar is that it does not provide the freshest smell, but you can rectify this with another product.

How To Clean A Toilet Seat With Baking Soda?

This is another approach that requires a bit more effort than soaking in a bleach solution. For this method, grab some disinfectant cleaner and apply it to the whole toilet seat for a minimum of a few minutes before wiping it off. Mix baking soda and water until they form a paste, add this paste onto the toilet seat and leave it for another few minutes (though longer is better if you have the patience). Scrub the seat with a brush or sponge in small, circular movements. The paste may feel dry and rough in this process, but you can keep the texture paste-like by adding small amounts of water. Keep scrubbing until you can see the stains leave, and once they have, you can rinse the toilet seat and dry it off. Apply some more disinfectant, and the toilet seat should look brand new!

We hope this article provided some useful insight into why and how you should clean your toilet seat. These methods are designed to suit your personal preferences, and how often you clean your bathroom will depend on its usage and your own satisfaction. These tips can help you save money, keep your toilet seat in good condition, and prevent you from having to replace it sooner.

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