How To Clean An Indoor Grill?


Indoor Grill Cleaning

Grilled food attracts all of us and when it comes to grilling, indoor grills are overruling the outdoor grills nowadays. Indoor grills are very easy to use and provide the best-cooked food to you in just fractions of time. Indoor grills have opened the various culinary possibilities by reducing the amount of oil required for greasing. You would love to use the Best indoor grills until you have to clean it. Cleaning is something that is required to be done regularly on time.

Well, all of the indoor grills claim to be non-stick and ensures easy cleaning but one has to wait and watch the attitude of these types of claims. A lot of indoor grills do a fantastic job in meeting up their claims while some others may fail. The grills let go of whatever comes in contact with them while later ones develop the attachments. So, it becomes important to clean the grills. Regular cleaning will increase the durability as well as the longevity of the grills. The cleaning process may be different for the various models of indoor grills. Here, you can find out the basic way of cleaning your grills.

Cleaning The Removable Grill Plates:

The indoor grills come either with the removable or non-removable grill plates. A few of the grills could have both types of grill plates. So first, let’s quickly learn how to clean the removable ones.

  • Fill your sink with hot and soapy water before removing the grill plates from the indoor grill.
  • Switch off the grill and unplug it. Allow it to get cooled properly as a hot grill plate could harm you.
  • If you do not have enough time to let the grill cool down then you should use the oven mitt to grab the removable plates of the indoor grill.
  • Immerse those plates in the sink and allow the plates to sit in the water for some time. This will allow the debris to loosen and get scraped off from the surface of the grills.
  • Now comes the part of cleaning. Use a non-abrasive sponge only for cleaning the grill plates. Make sure that you are not using a scouring pad that will be harming the non-stick layer of the grill plates.
  • Clean the grills thoroughly, set them aside and allow them to dry.
  • After cleaning, these grill plates can be easily put up back in the indoor grill.

Cleaning The Non-Removable Plates Of The Indoor Grill:

Cleaning the non-removable plates is a quite difficult task as compared to the removable ones. The hard work that you will require to put on depends on the amount of debris that is attached and stuck to the plates. There are three ways of cleaning the non-removable grill plates:

  1. Aluminum Foil: This is the simplest method of cleaning the non-removable grill plates. You just have to take a single sheet of aluminum foil and place it across the surface of the plate prior to turning the grill on. If there are ridges in the plates, then you can mold the foil paper around the ridges. After the grilling is completed, fold the aluminum foil on its edges towards the center so that no fat or debris falls on the grill surface and dispose of it off.
  2. Moist Paper Towel: This is a little bit of a complicated method that can be applied for cleaning the non-removable grill plates. You will have to wait for a point where the grill plates are not hot but warm only. At this time, use a moist paper towel that will soak the fatty residue and debris.
  3. Water: This is the least preferred method. Switch off the grill after grilling the food and spray water while the surface is still warm.

Cleaning The Grease Tray:

The grease tray is to collect or catch the greasy runoff from during the cooking process. It is one of the essential components of indoor grills and cleaning the grease tray is not a difficult task. Simply remove the tray once they are cooled and place them in the sink filled with hot and soapy water. Just keep in mind to dispose of the byproducts and debris before immersing the grease tray into the sink water.

Cleaning The Exterior:

Just cleaning the interiors of the grill is not sufficient. You cannot forget to love the exteriors of your indoor grill. You cannot put the grills directly into soapy water or dishwasher. Clean the outside of the grill using a damp cloth or towel. Simply wipe off the dirt and dust and allow it to dry. Prevent the water spots on the grill as it doesn’t look good. Don’t forget to switch off and unplug your grill before cleaning it.

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