How To Clean Windows?


Girl looking out window

Looking through the window and seeing the beautiful sight of greenery is awesome. Looking out of the window and seeing your kids playing is just so awesome. Looking out of the window and letting the natural light come in is so beautiful. Sipping coffee by a window is such an amazing thing to do in the evening. Si near the window, and you can gaze at the stars at night. Well, this has been too poetic. But you can enjoy all these moments only when you have a window which is clean. This means you will have to wipe off the grime from the windows of your home.

A window provides a view of the world, but a dirty window offers you a hazy picture and makes your otherwise clean home look bad. Getting spotless and clear windows is very important.

Window cleaning tips

Here Is A Small List Of What You Will Require To Clean Your Windows:

Rubbing alcohol


Liquid soap

Soft rag

Cotton swabs


Scrub brushes

Detergent (laundry)

White vinegar


Newspaper (not color newspaper)

Let Us Clean Window Sills:

For cleaning window sills, you can thoroughly wash with warm water mixed with liquid soap. Use a soft rag to clean the area. Rinse with clean water. If still there is grime, well clean it with a mixture of water and alcohol. Use cotton swabs to remove dirt from the corners.

Let Us Clean Window Screens:

For cleaning the window screens, you can use clean water gushing through the hose. The pressure helps in cleaning dirt. Bu for stubborn areas, you can use the scrub brush to get them clean.

Let Us Clean Window Frames:

Window frames can be cleaned with liquid soap and water. Rub the area with it thoroughly. Then rinse it out to have clean window frames. In case there is mildew on frames, then clean with a mixture of laundry detergent, household bleach, and water.

Let Us Clean Window Panes:

Cleaning windows

When washing window panes, you must wash them from right to left and bottom to top, so you will know if any of the areas is streaked, and then you can wash off which is left.

Cleaning windows panes, use newspaper or paper towels for cleaning.

Regular cleaning of windows can be done with white vinegar mixed with water. In case grime is too much, then use alcohol.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips and suggestions for cleaning decorative windows. Most helpful and we’ll share these with our team.

  2. Great tips for window cleaning. It’s one of the tasks I hate, that’s why I get pros to help from time to time when I don’t want to deal with the cleaning.


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