How To Clean Your Fabric Sofa?


Family Sofa

Whether it’s a cricket match or a family get-together, sofas often end up being the most used furniture in every household. And since we use them regularly, they are bound to get dirty. However, you do not have to let stains or messy spills ruin your living room’s style. Following are some ideas to keep your fabric sofa clean:

Clean Immediately:

Sofa Cleaning

The moment you notice a spill or stain, start cleaning it right away. As time passes, stains become rigid, and they are difficult to remove. In some instances, even delaying for a few minutes might toughen the task of cleaning. So, clean immediately.

Manufacturer’s Suggestions:

Sofa Cleaning As Per Manufacturer’s Suggestions

If you accidentally spill something on your sofa, your first reaction would be to wash using your regular detergent immediately. However, this might be not a good idea because some manufacturers have special instructions for their sofas, which can be read on the sofa’s tag. Failing to follow these instructions will result in permanent damage to your sofa.

Cleaning Codes:

Sofa Cleaning Codes

Have you ever noticed codes on the tag of your sofa? Well, they are not some random codes. Those are actual cleaning codes, which are to be used while cleaning the sofa. ‘W’ codes means that it is a water-based cleaner. You should primarily clean the sofa with water. ‘S/W’ code indicates that your sofa can be cleaned through solvents and cleaners, which are mainly water-based. And finally, sofas with ‘S’ codes can be cleaned using solvents. Put, such sofas can be cleaned using a particular chemical solution.

Use A Dry Brush:

Upholstery Cleaning

Often, we spend our weekends lying on the sofa and munching snacks. Naturally, this leaves food particles and stains on your sofa. Now, your best bet is a dry brush. You can get a stiff brush and move it throughout the sofa. This will bring the food particles on the surface.


Vacuum Cleaner For Sofa Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the fabric upholstery or sofa, most of us resort to scrubbing. While this might look like a low-priced and straightforward technique to get rid of food crumbs and dirt particles, it will be advisable to get a hand-held vacuum. It will especially come-in-handy when you have to clean stiff stains.

Baking Soda:

Baking Soda For Sofa Cleaning

While this might come as a surprise, but baking isn’t just meant for baking. If used correctly, you can even clean your sofa with baking soda. Moreover, you can sprinkle baking soda on your sofa to get rid of foul odours and loosening rigid stains. You don’t have to buy baking soda, as there are some homemade techniques to prepare baking soda. But, here is a word caution. Just like any other cleaning solution, before you go all in, you should clean a small portion of your sofa. Based on the result of that small portion, you can decide whether you should clean your sofa with baking soda.

These were some easy and handy methods to clean your sofa. However, you can always consult the sofa manufacturer to get a customised technique for cleaning your sofa. This will not just keep your sofa clean, but also increase its life span.

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