How To Create A Chilled-Out Bedroom?


Chilled Out Bedroom

Relaxing spaces that make you feel chilled out have common themes – low seating, soft lighting, homely textures, clean lines, and symmetry.  

If you want a chilled-out vibe in your bedroom, you need to change your design philosophy and go shopping for a few things. We want to create a sense of openness and symmetry so that everything you see has structure and balance.

This article explores creating a chilled-out bedroom, including the core concepts you must incorporate and furniture recommendations.

Core Concept 1: Symmetry And Balance

Symmetry brings balance to spaces, informing you where you should place furniture, décor and artwork so that everything has a rightful place.

Our brain perceives symmetrical spaces as relaxing and restful because we see symmetry daily when we look in the mirror.

Without symmetry, your bedroom will look disjointed and fussy with features that look out of place. It is not something that can be taught but rather something you can see – our eyes know when elements are at odds with one another.

Homely Textures

Pictured: Symmetry interior bedroom design, with a focal point.
Symmetry brings balance to spaces.

Core Concept 2: Clean Geometry

Clean geometry refers to simple shapes that are easy to interpret, like the straight lines on stripy wallpaper and the fall of perfect curtains.

Your chilled-out bedroom must keep things simple, with straight lines and curves that are easy on the eye without interrupting symmetry.

Squares, triangles, circles and lines are perfect for decorative elements; avoid hexagons and fussy patterns that are difficult to interpret at a glance.

Core Concept 3: Lower The Eyeline

A bedroom that lowers your point of view feels chilled-out and relaxing because it maximises the sense of room height, making it feel airier.

A low bed frame, low chairs and spotlights that retain roof height will help transform your bedroom into a space built for lounging.


Furniture And Decorative Elements

Here’s the furniture and decorations you need for a chilled-out space:

Low Bed Frame

Low Bed Frame

Pictured: Julian Bowen Amsterdam Low 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore

A low bed frame increases the sense of height in your bedroom and brings you closer to the floor, creating a lounging vibe. The Julian Bowen Amsterdam Low Bed Frame and Tour Low Wooden Bed Frame are both excellent options.

Light Colours

Light colours make your bedroom airy and relaxing, while dark colours make it feel smaller and moodier. The best colour for walls is brilliant matte white with a coloured feature wall, which can be any colour that makes you happy.

Soft Lighting

Soft lighting has few shadows, so the transition between light and dark is subtle. The best option is spotlights built into your ceiling or a flush or semi-flush light fitting (these take up as little vertical space as possible).

Matching Furniture

Match the colour of your bedroom furniture to your bed frame as closely as possible so that nothing stands out. The only exception is if you get an upholstered bed base, which goes great with white, grey or natural furniture.

Homely Textures

From the carpet/rug under your feet to the curtains you pull close at night, the textures you touch play a critical role in how your bedroom feels. Look for tactile textures like basketweave curtains, shag pile rugs and knitted throws.

Mounted Television

Mounting your television on the wall and installing trunking for the cables (or, even better, running the cables behind the wall) will create a clean installation. Or get a TV bed to enjoy the best possible media viewing experience.

Mounted Television

Pictured: Star TV Ardor 4FT 6 Double TV Bed – Oatmeal, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore


We’ve talked about what you can see and touch, but what about what you can smell? Essential oils like lemon, lavender, peppermint, and marjoram have relaxant quantities and can make a big difference to your bedroom’s vibes.

Happy Time

Pictured: Friends and family enjoying a campfire toasting marshmallows on the beach. Why not create the mood with scented candles, maybe a fragrance that reminds you of a relaxing happy time with friends and family in the bedroom?

Add A Little Nature

Nature in your bedroom, like a bonsai tree, houseplant, freshly cut flowers or even a fish tank, will transform your space. Fish tanks are perfect because the sound of water calms the mind with natural white noise.

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