How To Create A Gleaming Bathroom With Unique Stone Additions


Bathroom design has gone from a curtained tub utility to sheer beauty, opulence, and luxury, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. With astute appointments and selective placement of various pieces, you can create a gleaming bathroom showcase with unique stone additions.

Think Outside The Surround

Gleaming Bathroom With Unique Stone

Take a step back and try to visualize your bathroom space a little differently than the commonly situated tub, shower, vanity, and commode. Encasing your shower in the clear, seamless glass opens the view and helps frame tile work. Using stone to draw the floor up to the entrance and carry through gives the chance to play with various sizes of the same stone or complementing qualities of others. Surface, texture, color, and size all give you elements to work with when designing your space. Encasing mosaic tiles within larger stone tiles helps you produce your work of fine art. A tiled bench, decorative painted tile for the wainscoting, marble columns as architectural accents, bronze or nickel-plated fittings, rain-style showerheads, and more help you transform your bathroom space into an oasis of luxury.

Your Choice Of Style Is Wide Open

Bathroom Interior Design

Consider the feel you want to create. Do you prefer the upscale ambiance of a high-end hotel suite? Are you keen on introducing the sandy foothills of the Southwest? How about an industrial feel over the traditional while still taking advantage of some of those elements? Perhaps the privately elegant English Country style is more your preference. Whatever you desire, it can be depicted in stone. The nature of stone translates in tiles, whether they are laid on the floor or placed on the walls. Until you have seen them or enjoyed them, you don’t know what you are missing. Your tile can highlight the other features, including a marble vanity or the minimal accent of baseless sinks and toilets that are installed within the walls appearing to float within the room.

Qualities Of Natural Stone

Qualities Of Natural Stone

Natural stone allows you to play with inherent qualities like density, porosity, permeability, and absorption. Dense natural stones such as granite, basalt, dolomite, and slate offer superior strength and durability. Sandstone tiles are more porous than other natural stone tiles. Bluestone, with its grain structure, is an example of a permeable stone. Both limestone and sandstone feature high absorption rates, but you can sell them for use in bathrooms and kitchens. All-natural stone has a level of absorption. This need not be a deterrent when considering using marble in the home. There are different methods of finishing and treating the surfaces to make them suit your purposes. It is more uncommon not to see the use of natural stone flooring and bathroom tile for the walls and showers anymore. Using the available light or creating spotlights to showcase the stone delivers the warmth natural stone possesses.

Nature Gives Us A Paint Box

Use Of Natural Stone For Modern Bathroom

When deciding on your design, look to the inherent features in natural stone, such as the visible granular colors of granite consisting of quartz, mica, and feldspar ranging in color from nearly white to shades of pinks, greens, gold, blues, grays, and black. Metamorphic marble uniquely possesses a distinctive crystalline texture. The wide array of colors appear as veins of carbonate minerals running through the stone.

Travertine, a type of micro-crystalline limestone, has distinctive layers and ranges in color from light to warm earth tones. Within the sandstone group of stone is quartzite, a densely hardened metamorphosed stone that resembles slate. Slate is another micro-crystalline rock that comes from shale. Onyx is a semi-precious sedimentary gemstone forming a beautiful crystal translucent appearance. Natural stone offers the opportunity to work with a variety of colors.

Natural stone is durable, unique and provides a variety of textures from being soft and glass-like to craggy or jagged. They can be polished or honed. No +stones are alike, which adds to their unique appearance. They can be sealed for their protection and may be slip-resistant, which is a plus when used in the bathroom. There are infinite choices available when it comes to designing and creating a bathroom space that answers to all your personal preferences.

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