How To Create A Unique And Family-Friendly Basement


An unfinished basement is a blank slate. Yours might become a movie den, an art studio, or a playroom for the kids. Whatever your end goal is, start your renovations by turning your basement into a safe and family-friendly space.

  1. Rethink Your Layout

Home Flooring Design

As part of your basement design planning process, think about the inherent features of the room. Do you want to add counters, cupboards, or other storage? Do the window wells let in enough light? Can part of the basement be partitioned off into an extra room?

Since basements are often built around an existing house, you may have uniquely shaped corners or under-stair spaces. You can turn these into clever shelving areas or highlight the space with a well-placed light fixture. For a family-friendly basement, make sure there are no awkward corners that could be dangerous to bump into.

  1. Finish Sealing And Insulating

Family-Friendly Basement

Many older basements don’t have the same insulation as the rest of the house; they may feature exposed support beams, accessible water pipes, and visible parts of the foundation.

Before you go too far into the redecorating process, take steps to keep your basement warm, dry, and secure. Use drywall to cover exposed insulation and foundation. Repair cracked concrete before placing a new wall on that surface. Consider building an access room around any plumbing that you can’t just cover.

Basements are typically underground and are prone to flooding. Basement waterproofing techniques can either block water or direct it away from the house. Ensure your basement is sealed and dry before you add any expensive decor; you don’t want a flood to ruin your hard work.

  1. Add Extra Lights

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Underground spaces can feel dark and gloomy. Counteract this effect with plenty of bright and cheerful light fixtures. Use daylight bulbs to bring a bit of the outside into your basement. Use a mixture of overhead and wall lights to chase shadows out of the room.

While you’re installing the wiring for your lights, consider adding a few smart home features. Many modern light fixtures have already come with a remote control option. Program them to automatically dim when the television turns on for a dramatic movie-night effect.

  1. Choose The Right Flooring

Choose The Right Flooring

Select a basement floor that looks good and is easy to maintain. Carpet can be used to create a plush, den-like feeling. Hardwood or faux hardwood will give your basement a more modern and minimalist appearance.

As with your walls, make sure you repair any cracks in your concrete floor before applying a new surface material. This will help your renovations last for a significantly longer time.

Pay extra attention during the early steps of your basement project. Once you’ve installed safe and stable foundations, you can turn the resultant space into the basement of your dreams.


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