How To Create An Ideal Kitchen For Parties


Every one of us wants a good-looking kitchen throughout the year, perfect for hosting occasional parties with friends. If your kitchen failed to live up to your expectations this Christmas, and now you’re on the lookout for some amazing advice on how to revamp it, talk to professional designers.

From classy cabinets, stylish island work surfaces to excruciatingly catchy LED panels, many things can contribute to the overall beauty of your kitchen. So, without any further ado, let’s look at what kitchen designer Harvey Jones has to say about making a perfect kitchen for any party throughout the year:

  1. Make a Drinks’ Station

Kitchen Design

A party without an adequate beverage bar looks so dull. Dual door breakfast stations can easily be turned into a bar and can be used to house paraphernalia to make cocktails. Moreover, light snacks can replace traditional breakfast foods like cereals. An additional benefit could be a plug point inside the bar. You’ll be able to crush ice to make smoothies and shakes with an instant flick of the blender. Last but not least, a wine chiller or an incorporated mini-fridge would seal the deal.

  1. Ensure Good Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

We’ve seen designers stressing how important lights are to make a kitchen appear upright. Lights contribute to creating a well-lit environment, which can play a huge role in kick-start any party. A good option is to get color-changing LED strips. You can paste them basically everywhere! Inside the cabinets to make them look lively, under plinths and island work surfaces to give a colorful touch overall, or behind glass, splashbacks to beautify the kitchen as a whole – it’s all up to you! An added luxury would be to get dimmable switches and zoned lightings, so each kitchen corner has its own distinct impression.

  1. Make Available a Generous Number of Seats

Linear Kitchen Design

It will be a disaster if your guests don’t have any place to sit, right? To avoid getting in an awkward situation, it is recommended to get fold-away chairs. You can stack them under the island work surfaces or optimally build a purpose-built cabinet for storing them. Doing so would mean that you’ll have the chairs at your disposal for times of need and can conceal them during normal days.

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