How To Create Effective Mood Lighting In Your Bedroom


Mood Lighting Brown and Creamy Bedroom Interior with Creamy Carpet

There are certain rooms in your house where you may desire mood lighting for whatever reason. The bathroom might be somewhere you want to relax and unwind, while you might want mood lighting in the dining room to create a beautiful ambiance while you eat. However, one area is ideal for mood lighting in the bedroom.

Mood Lighting White Bedroom Textured Feature Wall

Whether you want to chill out watching some TV in bed, curl up with a good book, or whatever else you may have planned for the bedroom, mood lighting can add a huge amount to the room’s atmosphere—looking for more of an adventurous lighting option? Check out the levitating lamp from Levitatingmoon.Com. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Have Lighting on Different Levels

Modern Master Bedroom Suites

All too often, bedroom lighting consists of simply a singular ceiling light and maybe a bedside lamp. However, you can create multiple light sources by having lighting on different levels. This means that it doesn’t feel as if the light is coming from one direction, leading it to feel harsh and unwelcome. To mix things up, you can mix ceiling lights with table lamps as previously mentioned and with floor-standing lamps, wall lights, and maybe even floor-level lighting. Don’t use all these at once, or your bedroom will look like Blackpool Illuminations.

Install A Dimmer

Ultra Modern Bedroom with Mood Lighting

Dimmers are a great addition to a bedroom for those who are very particular about the level of lighting in the room. You can change the lighting for whatever you’re doing in the room. If you want extra lighting for reading or getting changed, then turn up the dimmer, but if you want something a little softer or more romantic, then you can turn the dimmer down. You can still complement this lighting with other light sources to create the effect you want and light up certain room areas more than others.

Move Your Lights Around

Beautiful Mood Lighting For Bedroom

Apart from the fixed ceiling and wall lights, there’s nothing to stop you from moving lighting around in your bedroom. You can move lamps around the room so that different room areas are illuminated, but you can also use alternative lighting forms, such as fairy lights, to create a unique mood. Fairy lights are easy to move around the room, and as you can get them with various colored bulbs, you can give a dynamic source of light. Some fairy lights are battery-powered, too, which means they aren’t tied to being close to a plug socket. You can find a great range of fairy lights for bedroom ideas from, as well as some other great lighting ideas for all over the house.

Mood Lighting for Bedroom

Probably the best way of discovering what mood lighting works best for your bedroom is to experiment. There are no hard and fast rules, but you may also get inspiration from various home living magazines (Ideal Home is a good choice) to create your desired atmosphere.

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