How To Create That Timeless Black And White Look In Your House?


We all want it, that vintage, timeless black and white look. Something that never goes out of style and something aesthetically pleasing. However, it can be a bit tricky to achieve this kind of look or feel in your place. That is why in this article, we give away tips on how to create such an atmosphere.

Often people overestimate their skills in home decor and later find out that it isn’t that easy after all. It’s not at all required to get an indoor architect to create a nice living space. Sweden looks like to be the frontrunner in indoor decor, with the Ikea chain being all across the world. So now, how exactly do you go about creating that look that you want for your space?

Buy Second Hand

Black And White Home Decor

Buying second-hand not only can save you a pretty penny but also gives you the option to buy things that are vintage and not in production anymore. Keep in mind sometimes, vintage furniture you get your hands on may require more work on restoring or repainting. Just in the US, about 35 million people a year buy things second-hand. Often through services like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. There is an expected growth of 25% in the second-hand market for the future.

No Empty Cold Walls

Black And White Vintage Home Decor

A mistake that gets made often is leaving walls empty, creating this cold minimalistic look. This is okay if you are doing just that, being minimalistic, but if you are going for a cosy vintage look, this is a no-go. So one way to fill in those spaces would be by posters or prints. A casual art frame can also be added but make sure not to overdo it. Art can look extremely busy when done too much. It unconsciously makes us dislike having too much art on one wall. Things like solid wood furniture or shelves are things that add to the whole image of the vintage look.

Another tremendous unique way we have seen is through putting up prints of posters on the wall. Again make sure not to overdo this. And to add to the vintage black and white vibe, you might want to check out these black and white posters designed in Sweden by Papertown. They offer great posters for the money. Make sure you are shopping for the black and white ones since they supply tons of other posters.

Pinterest is also an amazing way to find creative and unique ideas for your living space. It’s estimated that about 70% of all the content on Pinterest is home decor related. With an active user base of over 400 Million, that is a lot of home decor posts.

Books And Other Readables


This might be a new one for a lot of people. But there is something about books or a library that makes things instantly way more vintage or gives that feeling you want to achieve. Placing books and newspapers in decor places can add to the room or space. It might sound a bit silly to some, placing down books and not using them. But make sure to try it out sometimes.

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