How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space For Your Home


How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space for your Home

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Bright days, beautiful nights — it’s difficult to stay indoors when summer’s calling. If you want to entertain friends and relatives, and also enjoy the summer, create an outdoor living space.

Plan Ahead

First, think about how you’ll use your outdoor space. Do you like splashy pool parties with plenty of food and drink? Once summer heats up, does your grill never cool down? Or do you like quiet times with a book or a few close friends and great conversation?

Decide what you need to create the best environment and make out your lists — picnic or dining tables, chairs for sunning by the pool, comfortable outdoor sofas for conversation, storage space for pool equipment, or cooking utensils.

Consider Your Weather

Let’s face it; not every day will be sunny. Look for sturdy, weather-resistant furnishings that will keep their good looks rain or shine. Once you have your outdoor room, you may decide to use it year-round. That means planning for any heating or other protection you might need.

Shield It For Privacy

Unless you live on an estate or out in the country, you’ll have neighbors. Think about how you want to take care of your privacy. Some people create vertical gardens that offer up ingredients for fabulous gourmet meals, or you may wish to a screen with holders for candles to add to the atmosphere during the evenings.

Take the design of your garden and your furnishings into account. You’ll want your privacy screens to blend in with the living space and add to the overall atmosphere.

Outdoor Living Space

Shade It From Too Much Sun

If you live in a climate with lots of heat, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor living space is shaded, but the views aren’t blocked. Consider sturdy canvas awnings. You can roll out to block the sun but maximize the view.

In more temperate climates, consider strategically placed market umbrellas for the shade you want.

Light It Up For Night

A fireplace or fire pit provides some light for gatherings at night, but you’ll want additional lighting — perhaps small white lights for atmosphere, task lighting near an outdoor bar or a grill, and views to help your guests navigate your yard safely.

Need more ideas for your outdoor room? Start by looking at some of the available choices at a company like Design Furnishings. Then create your outdoor room and make the most of summer.

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