How To Create The Perfect Sleep Sanctuary


Perfect Sleep Sanctuary

Never choose the style to oversleep when decorating your bedroom.

Despite all of the expensive decorative touches you put in your bedroom, it’s easy to forget that most of your time in this room will (hopefully) be spent unconscious. Some of the choices you make for your bedroom can accidentally sabotage your sleep patterns. You may unknowingly choose pizzazz over “Zzz.”

To make sure you don’t fall into this trap, here is how to turn your bedroom into your perfect sleep sanctuary.

  1. Eliminate The Screens

Suppose you have a wireless charging bedside table. That’s neat. So make sure the phone stays on the charger and not in your hand before bedtime. The same goes for your tablet and laptop.

Screens are notoriously bad for your sleep patterns. As relaxing as it may feel to scroll through your social feed before bed lazily, the blue light can throw off your body chemistry and make it much harder to fall asleep.

A TV in your bedroom is also not great. If you’re thinking about adding a new boss-sized TV to your bedroom, consider spending the money on something else.

Aspire to make this a screen-free zone. You’re better off reading before bed and making a dent in that pile of books you’ve been itching to read.

  1. Update Or Upgrade Your Mattress

This is second on our list, but it should probably be the first thing you look at.

You are likely getting a new bedspread and pillows to freshen things up. So why are you sticking with the same old mattress?

If you’re worried about the bed taking up too much space in a tiny room, we invite you to use this handy mattress size calculator to see how to make the best use of your space and your living habits.

You can also buy a new mattress online for a lot less money than you might be expecting.

  1. Go With A Soothing Paint Colour

Don’t make any design decisions that will be too flashy and prevent you from being able to relax in the room fully. This means you should always opt for soothing wall color versus something bold and stimulating. Surround yourself in serenity.

Red has been proven to raise your heart rate, and purple has been proven to cause vivid nightmares, so always try to avoid those colors.

Your best bet is to go with earthy and relaxing shades of grey, blue or green to keep your mind and body relaxed.

  1. Add Some White Noise

It’s funny how acute your hearing can be when you’re trying to settle in for sleep.

You seem to have super hearing, and you can pick up every noise in the house. You can’t sleep because you can hear the powder room’s toilet or the clock downstairs. You’re getting even more frustrated because you know these are small sounds that should not bother you, which causes you to toss and turn even more.

Almost 75% of surveyed Americans said that a quiet bedroom is important to getting a good night’s sleep. But the important thing is that your mind is calm. The total absence of sound is not relaxing for some people. They may call it “too quiet.”

This is why white noise machines are so popular. They fill the room with a neutral level of sound that drowns out the toilet and the clock. They can help you relax and drift off to sleep peacefully while preventing those little noises in the night from waking you.

You can buy a white noise machine or download some mobile apps that will do the job.

  1. Drop The Temperature

You want it to be cool in the room when it’s bedtime. Your body has an easier time falling asleep when the temperature in the room is relatively cool and your bed is warm. Thinking about that combination probably just made you wish you could crawl into a beautiful warm bed right now.

Create a sleep-friendly environment by adding a programmable thermostat that will automatically drop the temperature in the bedroom as you approach bedtime.

It is possible to find a happy medium between chic and sleep. Keep your comfort at the forefront of all of your décor decisions, and you will love your new bedroom on every level possible.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Never design it with other people in mind.

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