How To Create Your Dream Home Without Breaking The Bank


Everyone has a vision board of some sort – even if it only exists in your head.

We all dream of the day we can sit poolside at our mansion, complete with an open layout and granite countertops.

But those dreams are entirely aspirational. What about now?

If you want to welcome great things, like a dream home, into your life, it’s essential to appreciate what you have now.

Bring your current home closer to the home of your dreams, and you’ll find that those aspirations aren’t as far away as you may have thought.

Here are a few tips for creating your dream home without breaking the bank.

Open Up The Layout

Home Interior Layout Design

If you have the budget for renovations, this is a great place to start. Opening the layout of your home will have the most significant impact on your space (and your feelings about the space). Look to your kitchen, dining room and living room areas to see if there are any walls you might be able to remove. Just remember not to go knocking down walls willy-nilly. Some walls must remain for the support of the home. If you have any question, consult a professional.

Install DIY Archways

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be able to pick up an archway kit at your local hardware store. These kits are designed to turn a standard entryway into a custom-looking archway. It’s a DIY project that involves taping and compounding, but it’s doable if you can handle these things. And, custom (looking) archways will give your home a more luxurious feel.

Replace Your Windows

Replace Your Windows

Dated windows can be an eyesore. They collect dirt and draw attention to the window itself instead of drawing the eye to the beauty of nature. And it’s about more than appearances. Old windows tend to be drafty, and they can cause you to spend a lot more to heat or cool your space.

So, if you’re looking for a renovation that will upgrade the look and value of your home, this is a great place to invest. Replace your windows to add value to your current home.

Replace Cabinet Hardware

Replace Cabinet Hardware

If you want to spend as little as possible and make a giant impact, consider replacing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. It’s an easy way to upgrade the look of your kitchen. Now, this only works if your cabinets are in good shape, to begin with, so consider painting or refinishing the cabinets if they have a dated look.

Rip Up The Carpeting

Rip Up the Carpeting

Carpeting can give your home a dated look. And if you have hardwood floors underneath, you can give your home an instant upgrade by removing the carpeting. Just keep in mind that this can be risky because you won’t know the condition of the floor until the carpet is removed. Before you rip up the carpeting, try to budget for refinishing the floors just in case they need it. You could cover a lot with area rugs, but that won’t work if the wear is in an awkward place.

Get A Tub Liner

Tub Liner

If your bathroom is looking old and dingy, consider covering it with a tub and shower liner. These liners are designed to fit snugly as a layer above your actual bathtub and tile. In an instant, you can give the appearance of a whole new bathroom. Now, this won’t up your home’s resale value as a new tub installation would, but it will make it more appealing to everyone.

Paint Your Countertops

Paint Your Countertops

Worn and dingy laminate countertops can detract from your view of the kitchen. And if you can’t afford a new countertop, consider painting the one you have. You’ll need special paints, but fortunately, they sell kits made for this purpose. You can even buy a kit that’s designed to make your countertops look like granite. This is likely a semi-temporary fix until you can get new countertops, but it will give your kitchen a lift in the meantime.

With a few inexpensive adjustments, you can start feeling more like you’re living in the home of your dreams right now. Why wait for happiness?

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