How To Deal With Low Water Pressure In Your Shower


Did you know that if taking a shower in the morning is a priority for you to wake up, you somewhat depend on the shower to start your day? Well, you are not alone in this. However, if you are experiencing low water pressure, it is likely not to function as expected. But, the issue is not necessarily associated with the pipes and the house. Indeed, you might be tolerating sub-par pressure, while all the problems can be solved through equipment swap or a minor fix or, if necessary, through drain scoping Ottawa. It is easy to turn up the pressure, as long as you understand what caused the weakness.

Damaged Pipes

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The issue with your shower might be with the pipe if you notice that there is no improvement after cleaning the showerhead. A pipe that is coated using molten zinc is a galvanized pipe. These pipes are rarely used in new homes, because they tend to erode with time and cause leakages that might result in escaping of almost all water, before reaching your shower. The zinc in the pipe rusts erodes and falls off from the walls of the pipe, hence leading to blockage. Since the water flow passes through piles of metal that is rust, the water might have some faint stain of copper.

Although this is not specifically harmful to your health, fixing is necessary, as it is worth noting the flow of water might cause a blockage. However, the issue is more profound than just an easy replacement. Precisely, you should call a professional to repair pipes, if you want your shower to function efficiently.

All pipes that are galvanized should be replaced after 30-40 years since other materials like copper have already overtaken them.

Get a pipe and do a scratch test, if the pressure of your shower is declining, and you are interested in assessing the kind of pipes used in your home. A galvanized has a silver-grey color, while copper pipe shows copper color after scratching. Because copper pipes do not get rust and build-up, if you find that your home has galvanized pipes and the pressure of the water is low, it is undeniable that rust is the issue. The formation of orange rust on the outer side of the pipes makes it clear.

Solving Your Low-Pressure Issue

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It is worth noting that rust in pipes is not poisonous, but you might require placing filters for drinking water, or else continuing using the water that way. Nonetheless, the solution is short-term, as you will finally be required to change the pipes, especially when your shower is experiencing low pressure. Various types of houses are suited by different pipes, where in some instances, copper is suitable, while in other materials like polythene are suitable.

A few things can cause all in all, unsatisfactory shower pressure. You should call a professional plumber if the issue is more than a defective showerhead, and it turns out you need drain repair Ottawa. The good thing is that you can discover the source of the problem and what needs to be done precisely.


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