How To Deal With Surplus Office Furniture

On April 25, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Just like any house, office can be full of excess furniture, as broken or un-allocated chairs, cubicles, workstation, and so on. Typically, for years nobody has had the time to give a thought to these items because everyone has been too occupied focusing on the daily task. But now that you’re heading to the new location, there is no option but to give your full attention to the inevitable. You obviously, do not want to waste your time and money on moving excess furniture that will yet again take up an extra place in the new office.

In order to help you redesign this situation in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible, here are some of your options for handling the excess office furniture:

  1. Selling Your Excess And Used Furniture To A Broker Or Dealer

Office Furniture
The used furniture market is growing and is quite vast all throughout the nation. Especially when some small and new businesses may not have the budget for purchasing any new furniture. For instance, it can cost thousands of dollars to purchase a single new cubicle and cost hundreds for a quality ergonomic chair.

  1. Donate The Excess Office Furniture

Right Office Furniture
Thought of donating the excess office furniture? It will be a win-win scene for both you and the local charity authority, as you will be feeling great at disposing off your extra items that you don’t need or want, and the local authority will benefit by refurbishing those items and sell them to render much-required funds.

  1. Recycling The Excess Office Furniture

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If none of the above is a desirable or practical option for you then recycling the surplus furniture is the right alternative. There is one thing to remember that you can’t just keep these things in the in front of the office or disposal bin. For more information check the website of your local municipality, and follow the instructions closely.

  1. Putting The Excess Furniture Into Storage

Office Furniture Storage
There might be some furniture items you don’t have immediate usage for, but do not want to recycle, sell or donate them. You may perhaps have the plan to use in the future. Or you might merely want more time to decommission or liquidate them, and basically, do not have enough time before the relocation day to do so. In such cases, the foremost option you have is to keep these furniture items in storage in a secure warehouse. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the warehouse has extensive inventory management system and a suitable control on the internal environment.

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