How To Decide Whether A Career In Oil And Gas Would Be A Good Choice


Oil And Gas JobsAccording to the latest surveys being conducted about the growth of various industries, the jobs the oil and gas industry provides make up for a significant segment of the employment being provided globally. The oil and gas industry has to offer various jobs and roles to those people whole have the specific educational background and the adequate skill set to work in this industry. Once you get the type of education required to work in the oil and gas industry, there are a variety of roles you can choose from according to the one which suits your interests the best.

Despite all the rumors and news around the shortage of oil and people cutting down on their consumption due to environmental factors, oil and gas are still being used, and the industries are functioning normally. Industries can’t switch on other fuel alternatives that are currently highly costly. Moreover, these alternatives are not even available in abundance as oil and gas are, neither have these alternatives been tested enough to guarantee their performance and environmental impact in the long term.

Why Choose This Industry As Your Career

If you have done specialization, have a degree that fits this field, and wants to work in the oil and gas industry, then here are a few benefits this industry has to offer you:

Good Salary Packages

The workers working in this industry are normally paid more than the average salaries offered globally, which is a plus. This is because the type of skillset and educational background required to work is quite difficult and technical, and not everyone excels in it. Therefore the engineers working in this industry get good salaries and incentives. Apart from the salary, even if it is not that much, the benefits and the bonuses a petroleum engineer gets to increase the annual salary they get.

The individual salaries of these workers depend on the skills and the knowledge these engineers possess. The higher the position an engineer is working for, the higher their salary would be. Other than that, these engineers get to work in excellent working environments and locations.

Use Of Advanced Technology

Technology is an extremely important part of this industry. As you get promoted, you will be required to acquire and upgrade your skill set to stay relevant in the industry as an employee. While working for oil and gas jobs, you will frequently get training which includes learning about the usage of new and modern technology and equipment. This will help to upgrade your skills and give you an advantage over the other employees globally. As you continuously learn a new skill and learn how to use the latest equipment, the more you will excel in the field and contribute greatly towards shaping your career pathway.

Many Traveling Opportunities

As oil and gas are required globally, there are many opportunities for you to work in more than one country or more than one city. Depending upon your role, you can travel to other places for job rotation or training. Moreover, the skills these engineers possess are not available easily globally. Therefore, many firms might contact you to work for them through which you would get to travel. This would not let your job become boring, and you will always stay motivated. You will also learn new skills from around the world, which will add to your value as an employee.

Various Learning Opportunities

There is a continuous learning process that takes place at every stage of your job in the oil and gas industry. You are constantly learning and evolving. This is because there is technological advancement taking place in the world at all times. So to stay relevant to the changing technology and trends, there is a continuous need for you to learn new skills and evolve as an individual. You will not only be working once you get a job in this industry, but rather you will also be developing individually and professionally at all times.

Career Options With A Degree In The Oil And Gas

If you have a master or an equivalent degree suited best for the oil and gas industry, then there are many roles and jobs you can choose from:

Engineering Geologists

These people are responsible for the more technical and citify segment of this industry before carrying out the drilling process. These people analyze the geographical aspect of that location before the drilling. This includes studying the type of rocks and soil of the chosen location to decide whether it is suitable for the process. Moreover, the groundwater is also analyzed so that the drilling does not contaminate the water supply for the people living in the area.

Engineers In Mining

Under this role, an employee will be responsible for choosing the right procedures and drawing out a plan of action to cart out the drilling process and other operations. This does not only include fieldwork, but instead, they also do the office work to study various methods to go about the process. They also research to know about the characteristics of various gases and fuels and the best way to drill them and then purify them.

Petroleum Engineer

As a petroleum engineer, your job will mainly be to determine the production part of the whole process. This means that you will be monitoring the amount of oil and gas being drilled and then being purified for storage. Moreover, you will also ensure whether this quantity remains consistent to meet the orders of the clients.

Their role in an industry is to analyze whether the oil and gas reservoirs they currently have will be able to give the company consistent profits or not. They also draw a plan for others to follow. This plan is drawn by them in the most cost-friendly manner. This ensures that the company continues to drill and pump the resources from the ground while keeping the whole process budget-friendly.

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