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A big, blank wall screams possibility. However, if you find decorating stressful, that screaming might be coming from you. And whatever your feelings about decorating, it’s hard to deny that such a large canvas can come with some real pressure.

Not to worry! We’ve collected seven spectacular ideas for decorating a large blank wall. These decorating strategies are surefire winners to help you tackle that magnificently bare canvas and come out with a unique look for your home.

  1. Eclectic Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is an easy way to cover a large wall space. The idea is simple: Decorate your wall with an ensemble of small- and medium-sized pieces arranged using your flair. If you have one or two impressive large pieces to center the gallery wall around, such as a couple of large wall decals, the effect can be even more dynamic.

There are many ways to learn how to create a gallery wall, and once you find a method that works for you, it’s easy to let your creativity loose. Remember that a gallery wall is equal parts consistency and contrast. Try to establish a loose palette or theme, but be sure to include elements that mix it up as well.

  1. Print Set/Grid Gallery

The eclectic gallery wall’s responsible older sibling is the grid gallery wall using matching prints. If you want a curated and put-together look, framed print sets are an excellent way to achieve it. Platforms like Etsy are full of independent artists with awesome print sets for sale, so treat yourself to a bit of browsing time and choose something that will fit your style.

A grid gallery wall requires attention to positioning, so before you start hanging anything, think for a bit about how you want the final result to look. Look carefully at the size of the prints you’re buying and make sure that they’ll fit when hung a reasonable distance apart. The regimented quality of grid galleries often makes them look good centered on a wall, but feel free to experiment.

  1. Oversized Art

Sometimes you have to go big, and in those cases, an oversized piece of art is often your best bet. Framed prints and paintings are always popular, but the cost of quality framing can be steep. In such cases, you might want to go for an alternative, such as a tapestry or a vinyl mural.

In many cases, you’ll want to let your big piece speak for itself and avoid cluttering the wall with other items. A minimal style usually works best in the area around the big piece, as it will need room to “breathe.” The more impact you allow your oversized art to have, the more impactful it will be.

  1. Shelves


Shelves are an amazingly versatile way to decorate your wall. They can hold anything from books to knick-knacks to treasured heirlooms, making them both aesthetically flexible and a great way to store various household items. A set of shelves will quickly fill up your unused space and will give you tons of options moving forward.

Free-standing shelves will give your space a dignified look that’s perfect for some rooms. In other cases, though, you should consider floating shelves, which will help save floor space and offer many intriguing possibilities for clever decorating. Intersperse your shelves with some wall art for a pleasant contrast.

  1. Lighting Features

There are tons of things you can do with the light that will help enliven a featureless wall. Sconces are a tasteful way to fill in blank space on your wall, and they’re available in so many styles that it should be possible to match just about any decorative theme.

Lighting can also do an excellent job at enhancing whatever else you choose to add to your large wall. If you’ve got some lovely art that you’d like to showcase, consider getting some tasteful recessed can lighting or even track lighting that will allow you to find the perfect illumination. You might want to combine multiple types of lights on really big walls to divide the wall into sections.

  1. TV Wall

If you haven’t settled on a location for the TV yet, consider whether your big blank wall might be a good place for it. If the wall has a relatively central location that’s easy to gather seating around, you might think about mounting your TV on it. Mounting a TV is popular and possible to do yourself, although it’s always a good idea to use a pro if you don’t feel confident in your DIY game.

From there, you can decorate around your TV. A floating entertainment center is a sharp choice for protecting your TV and holding other equipment like consoles. If you have any matched wall decor sets, try flanking the TV with them for a balanced look. Finally, don’t forget to think about where you’ll mount the sound system.

  1. Houseplants


You don’t have to drive a hybrid to go green. Plants create a more vibrant and beautiful home, and they’re thought to have strong mental health benefits. Add some greenery to your big wall and watch it spring to life. Choose plants within your ability level as a gardener – and when in doubt, start small.

Some decorators will want to mingle plants with other decorations like shelves, prints, tapestries, clocks, and whatever else is on hand. Others might create a plant-centric wall that puts all of your plants in one place, which is a good idea if your wall gets an uneven amount of sunlight. Either way, you won’t regret inviting some little bits of nature into your big wall.

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