How To Decorate The Interior With Porcelain Figurines?


Porcelain Figurines

Any interior remains unfinished if accessories are not added. Their role is often performed by porcelain figurines antique. Someone thinks that porcelain has outlived itself, but you can always find a fresh solution. These small figures are perfect for classic style, Provence, and shabby chic. Where is it better to put them? How to combine figurines correctly if there are several of them? Let’s figure it out.

When selecting porcelain, rely on the style of the interior. Mirrors decorated with handmade porcelain roses, as well as voluminous and ornate porcelain patterns on furniture and dishes, are perfect for classics. If you have an interior in a different style, you will have to show imagination.

We suggest paying attention to antique porcelain figurines with masterly sculpted details — from the lace frills of the dress to the veins on the flower petal. And such a gift as a vintage figurine may answer a difficult question: what to give to a person who has everything, including good taste? A variety of them is presented in the Antique Marketplace “Antiqon.”

Where To Put Porcelain Figurines?

The peculiarity of the figurines is that they can decorate any room in the house: living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, and even bathroom. And there is a better place for them in every room. Porcelain figurines are distinguished by high artistry, are expensive, and often emphasize the status of their owners and their financial well-being. A striking example is Meissen porcelain, which we have described in detail here.

Porcelain figurines are usually placed in that part of the room where they are visible and can be examined in detail:

The fireplace mantel in the living room;

Side table in the bedroom;

Console in the hallway.

If there is no fireplace in your living room, do not be sad. Antique porcelain dog figurines will look good on a dining table set for a dinner party. Do not forget about the “Rule of Three” in the interior. The rule of three” in the interior is an installation on the arrangement of furniture and decor in conditional or obvious groups of three items. The basic principle is the use of three items for decoration. This avoids boring and formal submission. The “rule of three” in the interior is based on a simple and proven fact: an odd number of elements looks more attractive than groups with an even number of items. And remember that porcelain goes well with wood, precious metals (gold, silver), crystal, and natural fabrics (silk, leather).

If you believe in the teachings of Feng Shui and try to follow its recommendations, put a porcelain figure of a white elephant on the windowsill. Chinese sages say that in this case, the statuette will become your talisman and will attract prosperity and prosperity to your home.

How To Place Antique Porcelain Figurines?

If you still have only one porcelain figurine — the subject of your pride — just put it in a prominent place so your guests can admire it. If there are several figures, you can select a mantelpiece or a shelf in the rack for them.

Remember that statuettes of the same theme and similar stylistics should be combined. Antique porcelain angel figurines should be in one place, porcelain ballerina figurines in another. Place the noble lady next to the gentleman in the pomaded wig and the shepherdess — not far from the farmer.

Difficulties may arise for owners of a whole collection of porcelain products. Several dozen small figures will become a luxurious decoration of the room if they are placed in a cabinet with glass doors. Glass will not prevent you from viewing the masterpieces of sculptors and, at the same time, will protect them from dust. And well-planned lighting will emphasize the beauty and grace of each statuette.

Porcelain figurines — German, Czech or Chinese — are expensive interior items. They are passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom or bought in online stores, which does not detract from their value at all. Figures made of fragile porcelain will become the highlight of the interior if they are combined and placed correctly.

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