How To Decorate The Wall Of Your Living Room


Wall Decoration

Wall decoration determines the atmosphere and style of your home. You could go for a gallery wall, vertical shelving, or a plethora of mirrors. Think about your sense of style and what you want to see in your home. You need time to mull over pieces and browse through multiple options. While you may love a piece of artwork, it might not look right in the living room. You need to mull over different pieces and find the one that calls out to you.

Here are a few things to consider when decorating a wall in your living room.

Choose The Right Materials

Before you look into accessories and artwork, think about the finishing on the wall. Do you want wallpaper or paint? Wallpaper is perfect for adding bold patterns and beautiful designs on an accent wall. In comparison, colour creates a more minimal look and is much easier to change over time. You could look at decorative plaster, micro concrete, brick walls and tiling. Think outside the box for your living room and get creative.

Decorate Your Walls With Objects

You could decorate the wall with plates, ornaments, plants, baskets or chalkboards. Step outside of your comfort zone, and make use of the items already in your collection. You may have a vintage china set that would look fabulous on the wall. Just make sure to secure it properly so you don’t have plates crashing down.

Utilise Colour

Minimalist styles have flooded the interior design world in recent years. It’s all about neutral colours, natural fabrics and bare surfaces. It’s okay if this doesn’t appeal to you.

Let your living room stand out from the crowd and have fun with colour. You could paint a colourful mural on the wall or choose one accent colour for a bold look. You could paint faux architectural features to add more character to the space. Paint is a wonderful material that you can use in numerous ways.

Use Your Furniture

Furniture is a great way to decorate a wall. You could build a bookcase over the entire wall and fill it with plants, ornaments, lights, and novels. Or you could buy a smaller shelf to hang in the middle of the wall with a few items on it. Alternatively, you could mount your TV on the wall to create the perfect cinematic experience. Furniture can be simultaneously practical and stylish.

Add Lighting

Lighting is a key part of any living room. You need a cosy atmosphere that makes you want to snuggle under some blankets and watch a movie. Invest in warm yellow light bulbs and a few different sized lamps to soften the space.

Draw attention to the walls of your living room with some bold décor choices.

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