How To Decorate Your Bathroom For Lasting Beauty


The bathroom is no longer where a person spends only as much time as they have to. Now it’s considered a room that deserves to be as beautiful as any other, indeed, even more so as the smallness of most bathrooms makes it possible to splurge on materials. More good news is that you won’t need to do a complete renovation to make your bathroom beautiful. Here are some tips:

Add Real Flowers And Plants

Real Flowers And Plants

Never put artificial plants or flowers in any room. Even the most realistic flowers and plants are in bad taste and collect dust. Real flowers and plants not only add beauty to the bathroom but clean the air. Some plants that thrive on the humidity of a bathroom include ferns, orchids, baby’s tears, bromeliads, aloe vera, begonias, and the cast iron plant. These plants don’t need lots of light if the bathroom is windowless or has a window facing north. If the smell of flowers is wanted without the flowers, buy an essential oil with an exceptionally delicious aroma such as jasmine or roses. Put a couple of drops of oil on one of the lightbulbs above the vanity. Even a little bit of essential oil from Revive fills a room with fragrance.

Remember To Keep Up The Plumbing

Keep Up The Plumbing

No matter how beautiful a bathroom is, no one will notice if the plumbing is not maintained. As with everything else, the earlier a problem such as a leak, running toilet, or broken fixture is seen, the easier and less expensive it will be to repair. Some companies, like Morey Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., know that taking care of plumbing problems is incredibly important. Don’t let lousy plumbing invalidate everything you’ve done for your bathroom.

Add Artwork

Bathroom Decor Artwork

Don’t be afraid to add the artwork to the bathroom. Even paintings can be hung if they are protected by special glass that resists humidity and heat. Tell the framer that the paintings are meant to be hung in the bathroom before they are framed. Please make sure any objets d’art placed on the vanity or other surface are heavy and sturdy enough to stand some jostling without sacrificing their beauty.

Add Some Lovely Furnishings

Bathroom Furnishings Ideas

If the ceiling is high enough, consider a crystal chandelier. These beautiful light sources instantly add beauty and elegance and do not need to cost a lot of money. A fauteuil is a graceful French armchair, and it can be upholstered in the most sumptuous fabrics. Perhaps the fabric on the fauteuil can inspire the colors and patterns found on shower and window curtains or even tiles. An Oriental-style runner or mat adds many pops of color in an otherwise neutral bathroom. It also protects your feet from cold, hard tiles.

Beautifying a bathroom does not have to cost a great deal. A touch of elegance here or there might be all that’s needed to make a small bathroom memorable.

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