How to Decorate Your Home to Create a Sense of Space


Whether one chooses an apartment, a small house in the city or an older farmhouse in the country, many are opting for smaller spaces today. These homes can provide cost-savings for heating and cooling, are easier to clean and leave a smaller footprint on the ecosystem than their larger counterparts do. However, one of the biggest problems in these homes is finding a creative decorating style that reflects one’s personal style while creating a sense of space and openness in the home. Consider these four space-creating options throughout the home.

Incorporate Mirrors

Full Length Mirror
Mirrors reflect light and space, making a room feel twice as big as it really is. In fact, one trend being seen in small bathrooms today is installing a floor-to-ceiling mirror along one wall. Consider adding mirrors at the end of hallways, above mantels and over buffets in dining areas.

Find Smart Storage Solutions

Smart Storage Solutions
Clutter can make a home of any size seem tight and small. Cleaning knick-knacks of bookshelves, hiding newspapers and games in closed cabinets and keeping everyday items organized on a mirrored tray can clean up a space. Decorators can also consider using storage ottomans in living rooms, bed frames with drawers and orderly baskets or canvas containers to control clutter in the family room.

Use Bi-fold Doors

BiFold Doors
Bi-fold doors are perfect in very tight spaces, such as spare bedrooms and even en-suite bathrooms. While they do not provide the insulation or soundproof qualities that heavier doors have, they take up only half the width when open that traditional interior doors do. Bi-fold doors with windows, like those available from Facelift For Homes, are able can also be used to close off living rooms or playrooms without cutting off light to the room.

Use Small-Profile Tables and Chairs

Small-Profile Tables and Chairs
When decorating to create space, homeowners should choose narrow, lightweight tables and chairs with low profiles to create a feeling of space rather than choosing bulky, oversized chairs and sofas and heavy tables. Consider choosing a couple of slipper chairs for the living room, a narrow entry table to fit behind the front door or an armless sofa.

Creativity will help homeowners pull together their decorating styles no matter what size space they are styling. Those who feel at a loss can consult with a professional decorator or organizer who will help them see where they can save space or where they can trim down their furnishings. Many times, it is the little decorative touches that make a home feel open instead of claustrophobic.


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