How to Decorate your Retirement House to Feel Homey?


Moving into a retirement home can be an overwhelming process no matter how much you were looking forward to it. The best thing you can do is to personalize your retirement home so that you feel homey and comfortable in there which will help you to embrace the change.

We have listed down a few decorating tips which will help you in making a retirement home your new home.

Decide What to Take and What Not to Take:

If the retirement home is not as big as the home you were living in, do not carry all the items. Consider donating and selling a few things which you may not require. Unnecessarily carrying extra things will only overcrowd your new home.

Do Not Leave Behind Sentimental Items:

While it is necessary to carry fewer items, do not leave your sentimental items behind because that is what will make your new house look less homey. Bring pictures of all of your good memories, the artwork your grandchild gave you, fridge magnets purchased while you traveled the world, etc.

Less is More:

While decorating your space, do not overstuff the home. Try to retain your pieces of furniture to create the feel of your previous home rather than buying all new pieces of furniture but also be conscious of the space it will occupy. If you feel the pieces of furniture are oversized, you can measure the room and get smaller furniture that would fit. Also make sure the pieces of furniture are comfortable and not too low as you will have a difficult time getting up.

Keep Walkways Clear

Keeping walkways clear is extremely important as there is a chance of tripping if you are not careful about it. Check all the electric chords and unsecured rugs.

Arrange things for Easy Accessibility

Arrange things as for your required needs so that you do not have to search for things frequently. Being well-organized will make your stay comfortable. Place your phone near the couch and the bed for ease of access.

Paint the Walls Bright:

Bright colors always make the room look bigger and brighter. As your eyesight might change with age, it is always advisable to paint the walls with soothing light paints to increase your visibility.

Design the Bathroom with all Safety Measures:

The bathroom needs to be really safe to use as we frequently hear of bathroom accidents. Install grab bars near the toilet and shower, avoid installing bathtubs as they can be really slippery and risky, place anti-skid mats in shower and wash area.

Use Round Furniture:

Pieces of furniture which have a sharp corner can cause injury while moving around if you are not careful. A better idea is to place round furniture or the ones with soft edges to prevent such injuries.

Make Sure the House is Well Lit:

Adequate lighting in the house is very important. In addition, make sure that switches are accessible from both sides of the corridor.

Be Prepared for an Active Social Life:

After retirement, you should be prepared for an active social life as retirement homes come along with a wide community of people who are usually quite friendly. Retirement communities like The Villages Florida has a population of over 125,000 so you can be sure that you will have an extremely happening social life. Therefore, make your living hall functional for a social gathering. Add guest seating and a music system in the room and decorate it with your family portraits to give a personal touch to your retirement home.

These tips can help you transition your new house into the home you have always wanted. Once you are done decorating your home, you can relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy this new chapter of your life while you can look forward to unfolding the new things which await you.


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