How To Design A Backyard That’s To Die For


Everyone wants to create a stellar home worthy of being on the cover of a Home & Garden magazine. But while Pinterest is full of ideas for what to do inside your house, it can be a lot harder to figure out what to do outside your home. Landscaping and creating a killer backyard is hard work. But when you go to sell your house, a to-die-for backyard could be the tipping point in favor of your home versus another home. Here are some tips on creating a backyard that’s to die for.

Landscaping Is Key


When you’re trying to design a backyard that’s to die for, thinking through your landscaping is vital. Home and garden channels emphasize landscaping that looks like the garden from Secret Garden, with walking paths and tons of trees and flowers. While that kind of landscaping is beautiful, it’s not practical for most families. Keeping up with that kind of landscaping takes a lot of work, and even if you’re willing to do that work, your future home buyers likely are not.

Instead, use landscaping as a way to hide any defaults in your yard and increase your yard’s privacy. For example, if you have a lot of water pooling in your back yard, you could create a row of Dogwoods along the back border of your yard. This can separate your home from your rear neighbors while also helping to sop up some of that extra water. Adding one or two trees to your yard can also provide shade for kids who might enjoy playing outside. 

Hot Tubs Scream Luxury

Hot Tubs Scream Luxury

Another way to design a killer backyard is to add a hot tub. Not all families want a pool, which can be a drowning hazard with kids and can be expensive to keep up and insure. Hot tubs, on the other hand, are easier to maintain, and they scream luxury, so most families will love having one in their backyard. Families with small children who might not enjoy a pool of water in their backyard, they may also find a hot tub easier to overlook than a pool. Platinum Hot Tubs can help you find the perfect hot tub for your backyard. 

Prioritize Patios


Patios are a great selling feature in any home. They allow people to get outside, gather, grill, and enjoy the warm weather. For families that like to entertain, they’re a necessity. They’re also great for families with kids because they allow the parents a place to sit and read a book or do a little crocheting while keeping an eye on any kids playing in the backyard. If you want a backyard that any family will love, you have to prioritize a nice patio.

Space To Play

Space To Play

Having a large backyard is a lot of work. There’s grass to mow and plants to trim. So couples who are looking for a home with a backyard tend to either have kids or pets. Either way, they’re looking for an ample playground that’s safe. So, if you want your backyard to sell, you need to make sure there’s space to run around and play. This means skipping the little trails through the middle of your yard, which may look cute but limit play space. Instead, limit flower beds and bushes to the outer edges of your yard. Have a patio and hot tub combined, not separated from each other, and have them overlook a yard that’s as spacious as you can make it.

It’s okay to have one or two trees in the middle of your yard for shade, especially if you have a larger yard. Kids love climbing trees or hanging tire swings off of low branches. But bushes or flowers, which kids would have to avoid while playing, shouldn’t be right in the middle where it’s tempting to trample.

Have A Fence

Have A Fence

People can’t choose their neighbors. For that reason, it’s nice to have a separation between your backyard and your neighbor’s backyard so that if you aren’t best friends, you can have a little privacy. It also makes it feel more secure to let your kids or pets go outside without you right there. If you have to worry that your kids will wander into the neighbor’s yard, you may feel like you have to be holding their hand right there in your yard, and no one wants that.

There are many ways to create a backyard retreat which can be more comfortable than we give it credit. Instead of fearing your backyard, embrace it, and understand it as the vast selling feature it can be!

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