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Seeing movie stars drink from their home bars was always very tempting. Most people cannot afford it, but if you are among those who have finally decided to fulfill their dreams by doing a kitchen makeover, then today is your lucky day. This article will provide you with some quality information and tips about setting your perfect home bar. Be advised that creating one requires a lot of time and will not be as easy as it sounds. Here is how you should do it.

  1. Choose A Spot For It

Home Bar Furniture

The most important thing is choosing the right sport for your bar. Where do you want it to be? Once you have answered this, make sure that there is enough space for unobstructed movement behind and in front of the bar. If your house has a second floor, the bottom one should be the place for a bar since you do not want to be bringing all the materials and tools upstairs while building time and the drinks later on. Keep it on the bottom floor, preferably next to the window, for the atmosphere can heat up very fast, and you will want all that fresh air coming straight inside.

  1. Get The Right Dimensions

Home Bar Counter

Once you have provided enough room for normal movement and operations behind the counter, you can start planning how everything will look in the end. If you plan on using the bar stools, make sure that the counter and the stool’s height are proportional. As for the length, the bar can be as long as you want it to be, according to the free space. If you plan to use luxury bar stools to add an eye-catching and beautiful look to your home bar, make sure the countertop and the height of the stool are proportional.

  1. Material Does Matter

Home Bar Designs

Usually, people go with wood since it is the easiest material to work with, and it can be easily edited and shaped as you wish. The most practical option is always going with the wooden frames made for every side of the bar and then covering them on both sides with pre-cut panels. You can order the panels from a local wood store or make them yourself if you possess the proper skill. There are different types of wood out there, and choosing the right one can be difficult. Usually, people want the one that suits them best at the moment, both economically and by quality. Patterns and designs are also a personal choice since it is your bar; you can design it as you wish.

  1. Protection And Minimization Of Spilling

Spill A Drink

No matter how good a bartender you are, someone will often spill a drink over your home bar. You want to protect the wood and to do so, you would want to get the best waterproof lacquer and apply it thoroughly all over the counter surface. Be patient when doing it and make sure that you do not miss a spot; preserving the wood is very important for your home bar to be durable and long-lasting. You will also want to reduce the spilling to a minimum, so consider molding your top counter so that the liquid cannot fall from the edges on the floor or other parts of the bar. Another great solution is placing the drip tray to keep the spills away from the surface. You want to minimize the counter and the spilled drinks’ contact, and by doing so, save your bar from disaster and rotting.

  1. Stock It Up With Fine Drinks

Home Bar Counter Design Ideas

Once you are done making it, it is shopping time. Usually, people get only the liquor they drink and, in some cases, add up the old and vintage liquors they have. Make sure you stock up on wines; many full-bodied wine specials are going on during holidays, so consider those days as shopping days. Once you have them all set up inside the bar, you are ready to start enjoying it.

Having a home bar is a great thing, and it will bring all your friends to your place. Instead of going out and spending all night tipping the bartender, take the apron and make your guests feel like they are in a real bar.

Image Courtesy: Highmark Builders

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