How To Design The Perfect Boys’ Room For Your Adventurous Child


Kids Room Design

A child with an adventurous spirit would surely love to have a bedroom design that supports their enthusiasm. As a parent, you’re probably concerned with the practical aspect of a bedroom design. At the same time, your child is more interested in the decorative features that will allow his imagination to flow freely. There are many ways that you can design a bedroom that will please both you and your son.

Superhero Bedroom Design

Superhero Bedroom Design

If your son has a favorite superhero, you could create a bedroom design that focuses on the unique characteristics of that superhero. The design could include photos, life-size posters, or wall decals of the hero. Accessories such as lamps, bedding, rugs, and curtains depicting their superhero could also be used to enhance the theme. Special features such as a rock-climbing wall, telephone booth, or an area decorated like a Bat cave would be an extra design element that would impress young boys and provide hours of creative entertainment for them.

Wild West Or Cowboy Theme

Cowboy Bedroom Decor

If your son is fascinated with cowboys or the Wild West, you have lots of design ideas to choose from to create a room that will delight your child. Individual features such as a large cut out of a horse or cowboy, rustic furniture, and a faux cowhide rug would be ideal for a western theme décor. A teepee in the corner of the room could be your child’s favorite design element.

Nature Theme

Nature Themed Bedroom

A lot of boys love exploring nature. Wallpaper with a woodland theme would be a good starting point for this type of room design. You could check out bed designs, such as those at Dreamland, to find the size and style that you prefer. After buying the bed and a comfortable mattress to go with it, you could add a partial covering to the bed to make it look more like a tent than a bed. This would make each night seem like a camping adventure. You could include nature theme bedding and decorative accessories that depict forest, or camping theme.

Safari Or Jungle Design

Safari Bedroom for Kids

If a safari adventure would intrigue your son, you can quickly transform his bedroom into the jungle just waiting to be explored. The décor could include wall coverings with exotic animals. Typically, you might not think about adding plants to a child’s bedroom, but a few large tropical plants would enhance the jungle theme. Stuffed animal head wall mounts would be a unique item to add to a safari décor. A safari bedroom design can easily be transitioned to be age-appropriate as your child gets older. Replacing some childhood design elements such as wild animal wall decals with sophisticated framed prints of elephants, lions, or other exotic animals would make the room appropriate for a teenager. Bedding in a more elegant style would also help with the transition.

A boy’s bedroom should be a fun place for him to hang out in. Hopefully, the above tips are helpful to you as you go about creating the perfect room for your child.

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