How To Design The Perfect Kitchen For You


Ask anyone what the most important room in their home is, and a large percentage of the time, they’ll say the kitchen. Why is the kitchen so important? It’s the place where you spend most of your time, from cooking meals that your family will eat, to playing cards with the whole crew around the table and everything in between. If you’re designing a home, you’ll want to ensure that the kitchen features you choose are perfect for you and your family. You’ll also want to ensure you are using top-notch house plans from Truoba. From modern house plans to country house plans to Victorian house plans, choose the styles you love with kitchen features that work for you.

When you are picking out the features you want most in a kitchen, consider all of the following to ensure all of your bases are covered, and you’re getting the design of your dreams.


Kitchen Layout

When designing your kitchen, one factor to think about carefully is how you move about the kitchen, what steps you take, and what will be the most convenient layout for you. Think about how you cook. Trace your steps, and pay attention to where you will need the most counter space and what you can do without.

You’ll probably want to walk through your food preparation process. This includes taking the food out of the fridge or pantry, cleaning and preparing it, and then serving it. Where is the best place for each appliance, and what will be in your way? You can identify all of these factors as you are going through your process step by step.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can be your best friend, as they can function as another great place for storage, a gathering spot, and as a place to prep food. When you are planning out your kitchen and designing the best one for you and your needs, think about where an island would go and how you would use it. If drawers are on the island and they are pulled out, will someone be able to walk through? Will the island interfere with opening the stove or the dishwasher? Think through all of the scenarios, and consider whether there is enough square footage to fit a kitchen island comfortably.


Kitchen Storage

Your next task is to think about storage. Cabinets, pantries, and drawers can all serve as great storage spots, so you need to make sure to plan accordingly. A larger pantry may cut into counter space, but it might be essential for you to because of the amount of room that you need to keep your food. You can also keep appliances in a large pantry if you give up some counter space for it. Think through how and where everything will be stored, and even plan out a storage system to ensure that you will have plenty of room for all of your essential kitchen items.

If you’re looking for an easy answer t your storage problems, you should evaluate your current kitchen cabinet design. Ready to assemble cabinets are the perfect solution. They can be ordered online and delivered right to your doorstep!

Sink Placement

Kitchen Sink Placement

Another critical consideration is the placement of the sink. Some people prefer to have theirs located at the kitchen island, while others want theirs by the window for more natural light. Do you want to look out at the backyard while you wash dishes, or do you want to be facing your living room so you can keep an eye on the kids? Whatever your preference is, ensure that this is planned for in your kitchen design plans.

Stunning Design vs. Function

Stunning Design vs. Function

Another key consideration is the styling in your kitchen and how that compares to function. The current trend is to have white everything, from white countertops to cabinets. If you’re interested in being trend-savvy, weigh this with your lifestyle and whether or not you have children. Lighter colors typically show more dirt and wear and tear, so consider this as you make your decisions. Plus, some textures and materials of countertops and cabinets will be much harder to clean than others. Always think about how kitchen designs will impact your day to day life.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything to consider when designing your perfect kitchen, these are some of the most important aspects to pay close attention to as you plan.

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