How To Design Your Apartment


Apartment Design Ideas

We usually think about a house when we talk about a cozy home. Meanwhile, a properly designed apartment can be as cozy and luxurious as any private house. No matter whether your studio has 6000 sq ft or more, you can create your personal dream home. To do it, you need an advanced apartment floor planner and an idea of what your ideal apartment looks like.

Helpful Ideas For Apartment

You may not even realize it, but you already have everything you need for design. The tools like the 3D modeling room planner can be easily downloaded on your phone. All you need is to know where to start. Here are some splendid ideas for rooms in your apartment:

  • Plan everything in advance. Make sure you have apps like Room Planner to build a model of your picture-perfect room by adding VR effects to your old one. Save the model you like the most and use it as your plan during the whole process;
  • Make your room bigger with the help of furniture. Did you know that separating your room into several living areas with different purposes makes it visibly bigger? You can start with turning your bedroom into a mix of bedroom and living room. If you have only a one-room apartment, you already know this system. The main demand is to create “walls” between these areas. The best way is to put the sofa, chair, or even a different carpet on the floor;
  • Think big! Do you remember what the luxurious room in the hotel looks like? Usually, the hotel manages to create a sense of comfort even in a 300sq ft space. Add more white, yellow, and pale pink into the room. Try to avoid dark colors. Put the accent on the bed;
  • Furniture from the past. Do you remember the Mad Man TV show? Pay attention to the whole atmosphere in each house. They are using the 50s popular furniture with small tables on long legs and arm-chairs for one. The room looks definitely bigger with such furniture;
  • Inspired by Scandinavian style. Scandinavian design works splendidly for small rooms. It extends them visibly thanks to compact furniture and lots of light. Get inspired by pictures on Pinterest or watch any TV show you find from this region;
  • Sofa that turns into bed. If you have limited space in your apartment, you can try to extend it by using a sofa that transforms into a bed. Once you wake up, you can easily push back the bed and turn it into a sofa again.

Room Of Your Dreams

Follow these simple recommendations above and find the style you want to see in the room. Make your apartment a safe space where you can dream and plan your future. You can find inspiration anywhere, including the movies, portals with illustrations, or a daily walk in the park. Turn the idea into reality. If you have more recommendations or want to share your personal experience, you can do it in the comments below. Do you live in a small apartment? What style do you like the most?

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