How To Design Your Bedroom Like A Hotel Room


Luxurious Bedroom

Staying at hotels is one of my guilty pleasures. I love the strange yet familiar feeling of staying in different hotel rooms. Taking in the decor and the new ways of ease incorporated with functionality in different places has helped me draw a lot of inspiration for various projects.

A hotel room is sophisticated, well-designed, and minimal down to a function and purpose for everything. A color palette is followed, even the things chosen as decorations tell a story. Many people want their bedrooms to have the same luxurious and sophisticated feel. If you are one of them, then here’s how you can design your bedroom to look and feel like a hotel room.

Stick To A Color Palette

Contemporary Color Palette

Hotels base their rooms around a color palette. You will often see the color scheme to be in tune with the hotel and its theme. The rooms will be cohesively designed to fit in with the rest of the hotel so that they are telling the same story.

While the hotel room is designed to be suitable to cater to a wide range of people, your bedroom is just for you. So, even though a lot of minimalism, clean-crisp palette, and safe colors might be the trend, you can choose to go bold to add your own personality. But, remember to stick with one color palette to give it a rich feel.

Have Designated Spaces

Bedroom Workspace

The hotel room is supposed to replicate all the important aspects of home into one room. So, you will notice that you have your bed (of course!), then you have a workspace, then there’s a mini kitchen area with the minibar and the tea and coffee station, then you have a closet, and a bathroom.

You can think of it as a studio apartment, where an open space plan is used to designate different spaces in the same room. You can do the same, and it will still work at your home. You will anyway be needing a workspace if you do not have a separate room to turn into an office, you already will have a closet. You can add a minibar or minifridge just for the kicks!

Comfort Is The Key, But So Is Functionality

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Any way your bedroom should be focused on providing you with enough comfort. It is supposed to be the most comfortable aspect of your home because it is a space where you unwind.

When drawing inspiration from hotel rooms, you will see that the minimal design is often paired with comfort in mind because they want to give their guests the comfortable feeling of having a home away from home.

  • While you can learn how to keep sheets on the bed as they do in the hotel room, it is also important to see that their mattresses and pillows are often catered toward being soft and comfortable.
  • You can add in a headboard to make the space feel rich while also give your pillows and head the much-needed support, especially when you are sitting straight on the bed.
  • They have carpet pads and fabric walls to add to the rich feel while also making the space cozy.
  • Ventilation should be paid attention to. It would be best if you have the air vents a bit farther from your bed so that you can choose between them and natural fresh air from the windows.
  • Get a three-way switch that can be used to control the lighting from the entryway as well as your bedside, and get the lighting done as in the hotel rooms –
  • Reading lights on the bedside tables.
  • Vanity lights with the mirror.
  • Lampshades with lamps, if you have the modern pull reading light.
  • Door activated closet lights.

Final Thoughts

While you might want your room to look clean and minimal to mimic a hotel room, don’t shy away from adding personal touches to make your place feel like your own. At the end of the day, it is still your place, your sanctuary, and it should feel like one.

Add a bookshelf with your favorite books. If you do not read books, you can always use it as a display area and give it a decor moment in your space. Add photographs, make a gallery wall by theming your pictures. Your personality should shine through, even when your room is designed to replicate a hotel room.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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