How To Design Your Garden And Swimming Pool To Compliment Each Other


Pool Garden

In any garden, water is a valuable resource. Noise emission can be hushed by water features, providing a clear sense of peace. Smaller pools can improve any outdoor area’s atmosphere, while larger bodies of water can bind the garden to its surrounding landscape. In gardens, swimming pools are becoming increasingly common. They have a relaxing effect and, at their finest, seem normal.

However, if you want a swimming pool from an Austin pool builder company, a natural pond, or a reflective pool, you’ll need hardscaping to fit, and you’ll find tips on how to line your pond and planting advice below.

This article includes swimming pool design and construction ideas, paired with inspiration for hard landscaping materials, as well as numerous ideas for adding a pond or swimming pool to your yard, regardless of its size.

Things To Consider While Introducing A Pool or Pond Into Your Garden

Pool Garden Design

When liners emerge from ponds and pools, it’s vital to mask and cover them. For starters, this is unsightly, and secondly, sunlight will weaken and degrade the material, making it more susceptible to leakage.

  1. To make excavation easier, keep pond shapes easy. Planting is a great way to add visual excitement and a naturalistic feel to your garden. Water in complex shapes tends to be shallower and narrower, allowing it to silt up and warm easily in the heat.
  2. Butyl rubber comes in sheet form, but it can also be fused or welded together to make large-scale pools. Be mindful of the local water table while dealing with larger ponds. Pressure from an increasing water table will push water out of a lined pond if this varies dramatically. The liners can then be vented to equalize pressures.
  3. Installing lighting in a pool is not a smart idea. This will show the pool’s padding, wiring, pump, and debris—light objects or planting on the far bank instead. After dark, their reflection would be apparent on the water’s surface, creating a more dramatic effect.
  4. Altering existing streams and rivers is never a smart option. Build independent, self-contained ponds that do not leak into surrounding rivers in general.
  5. In terms of solar gain, sunlight can cause ponds and water features, but it will be more difficult to site water in heavy shadow. Sunlight adds life to water, but it must be managed with careful planting and suitable pool size and depth.
  6. You can incorporate a bridge over the swimming pool to have you move easily from one side of the garden to the other. Floating bridges provide the best option as they do not require as much maintenance as fly-over gardens. For this, consider buying a high-quality floating dock made of plastic for your bridge construction needs. They are both easy to work with and durable.
  7. Having a pond enhances your garden in many ways. You can decorate your garden by adding decorative pond fountains like aerating or floating pond fountains.

Specific Design Ideas

Designing A Pool Garden On An Awkwardly Shaped Piece of Land

If the land you’d like to have your pool garden on is triangular shaped, there are a few design ideas you could implement. Borrowing from garden designer Bart Hoes, we see how you can implement an organically shaped pool by blending its curvy lines with the surrounding steps and balau decking.

On the rear parts of the pool, we see how soft clumps of Miscanthus Sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ contrast with the cloud-pruned box structure, giving the planting a naturalistic feel. A seating area is shielded from the pool by clumps of the grass Miscanthus Sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ and the shrub Hydrangea Aspera ‘Macrophylla.’

Bart has given the pool’s sides a grey finish to deepen the color of the water and bind the pool to the surrounding hard-wood decking; Bart has given the pool’s sides a grey finish.

Borrowing From The Swimming Pool At Mas Del Lum

Yolande worked with the designers Tom de Witte and Corrine Lecluyse to transform the pool at Mas del Lum, previously a traditional swimming pool. Water was pumped between this ‘cleaning area’ and the swimming area through a separate planting area that served as a filter. The ability to adapt a chemical pool without completely restructure and rebuild this section of the garden was made possible by keeping the areas separate.

Iris, reeds, mints, and other aquatic plants are planted in the planting field, lined with pebbles and grounded by their roots into the cobbles, pebbles, and gravel that make up the foundation. The plants not only consume nutrients that would otherwise cause algae to thrive, but they also provide the pond with its ecosystem, which attracts visiting wildlife and aids in its maintenance.

An Important Suggestion

The garden can be designed such that it accommodates both your swimming and gardening needs; consider the following;

  • Since Chlorine water is toxic to plants, consider dividing the water source such that it goes both into the pool and the garden simultaneously.
  • Using vases and pots to plant your flowers and palms. This is especially important to prevent the roots of the trees from compromising the pool structure.
  • Contracting expert designers will save you both time and costs related to trying out new garden ideas.
  • To maximize time and cost-saving, ensure you plan the whole design process and document the budgetary adjustments made as the project goes on.


Designing a pool garden will be both financially and time-consuming, but proper planning paired up with adequate expert advice will go a long way toward achieving your goal. Take the time to check out pool garden ideas and learn the building processes before starting your project. Good luck!

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