How to Design Your Living Room

On May 22, 2013 by Himanshu Shah

Living room are hardest rooms in home to design. Living room has to have aura, you have to maximize it to full potential, and even you must enjoy the living room to fullest. Create a living room that you and your guests can really enjoy spending time. And for that you have to start with right layout. Start with firm plan for the living room design and layout to make a living room which reflect your style, persona and offer warm welcome too.

White L shaped sofa

Important thing is to make a list:

First make a list of things that you already have like the furniture, lightings, curtains, rugs, accessories and decorative items. Keep the pieces that you love and remove the pieces which must be tossed. Then think which are the things or accessories that you would like to integrate into your living room. Replace worn out piece or order for new window coverings.

Comfortable contemporary living room

You must know what the living room purpose that is how you need to live in this living room. Is the living room space for watching television, does it connecting with kitchen or dining room, do you have small kids and pets? You must prioritize your needs of the living room and on that basis you must décor and design your living room. At times the living room serves multiple purposes such as living room can also be small home office where you can have desk which blends with the cabinetry in living room.

Contemporary living room

In your living room you must identify a focal point. The focal point is one object or the area which we visually focus on when we enter a room. Your living room must have a focus. You can have striking art or built shelving which gives you anchor point to build the furniture around.

Green white orange living room designAnother important thing is to maximize your seating. Your living room must provide seating for at least six to eight people. This is because visitors comfort is also very important so there must be spacious seating arrangement. Instead of huge chairs you can keep an ottoman or stool.

One idea is to use your dining table chairs. Make sure they merge with the furniture of the living room in case your dining room is different than your loving room. This is nice way to link décor in both rooms.

Taking a help from interior designer is good idea. But if you are into DIY then start with something simple with sketch of room on paper. Remember to measure length and width and include windows and doors. Don’t get too professional basic shape will give quite an idea. Then place the furniture and changes you want to make. Once you are happy on the paper, start moving around the furniture and redo your living room.

Beautiful contemporary living room

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