How To Determine The Ideal Location For Your Outdoor Fountain


Outdoor Fountain

Investing in an outdoor fountain is a worthy investment for your home or business. However, the placement of the fountain matters. It is possible to place this water feature virtually, but considering some factors is very important. The amount of space available is significant in determining the best location for your fountain. Here are important considerations when placing a fountain.

  1. Water Source

A fountain needs a water supply that might be your home water supply or another source. Perhaps you are to fill the fountain with water yourself. Leaving room for evaporation is very important when building a fountain, including a closed water fountain circuit. The water in the fountain evaporates in hot weather. So, submerge the pump always to avoid burnout.

This requires regular checking on the water level in the fountain and replenish when necessary. So, ensure that your fountain is not quite far from a water source. A good idea is to consider an auto-fill system for your fountain. A fountain has a float valve connected to the water line for maintaining the water level.

  1. Visibility Is Key

After finding where to buy pond fountains, the ideal placement is visible in the garden. When looking forward to a fountain to become an accent piece, a good location is where it draws the eye. The best location has an aesthetic point of view to highly your landscape. Keep in mind that there is no single ideal location for every landscape. Visibility is subjective to each garden, and what works for you might not work for another person.

Understanding visibility allows making the fountain the center of focus in your landscape. Choose an area free from any overgrown plants or dark corners. Place the fountain in an open space where you can see it from various angles. Additionally, the location should have enough space where to come and appreciate the atmosphere of the fountain.

  1. Mind Sound Level

Some fountains are somewhat noisy when the pump is running and water is running down. Therefore, mind about this when placing the fountain. If you love the sound of water trickling down, place the fountain closer where you can enjoy it from. Alternatively, placement of the fountain with a noisy pump should not be where it drowns out conversations with your friends in the garden. Keep in mind that your fountain’s style and size play a significant role in the sound level.

  1. Power Source

The fountain pump runs on power to operate and to create the display effect. There are various power options for pumps, including hardwired and solar. Solar-powered fountain pumps come with fewer worries about placement. You have to be sure about easy access to direct sunlight throughout the day. Equally important is ensuring that the fountain is free from shading by the house, trees, and other garden plants.

Hardwired fountains need a location with easy access to a power connection. This requires working with an electrician to install the fountain. The electrician will recommend the ideal location for placing the fountain. This is very important to avoid the wires from running too far in the garden to the water feature. The great distance will mean more materials like wires and labor, hiking the installation cost.

  1. Surrounding Area

Getting a fountain that becomes the center of attention in your landscape requires a well-spaced location. The area should be free from any obstruction, including tall garden plants and shrubs. These are likely to obstruct the aesthetic appeal of your water feature. The area around the fountain is a great place to host parties, especially when your water feature has beautiful LED lights. So, ensure that there is an appropriate space to accommodate many people before installing the fountain.

  1. Keep This In Mind

Consider taking some photos of your landscape for comparison with your ideal fountain. Doing this allows brainstorming on the ideal water feature for your space. The temptation is usually high to hit the market and buy the first fountain you come across. This comes with a risk of getting disappointed at the end resulting from a fountain too small or big for the available space.

Take some photos of where you are looking forward to placing your fountain. A professional landscaper will recommend the ideal location where the placement of a fountain makes sense. Having these photos makes it easier to select an ideal fountain to fit your space while enhancing your outdoor space’s aesthetics.

Bottom Line

The location of your fountain can make or break your investment. The ideal location for a fountain is where it becomes the center of focus in the outdoors. This should have no overgrown plants and other obstructions that hinder visibility. Equally important is placing the water feature in an open space to allow other people to enjoy its relaxing atmosphere.

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  1. I like that you talked about how fountains that are solar-powered will come with fewer worries for us regarding their placement. With that in mind, I will look for 4-tier outdoor patio water fountains with that kind of feature, so we can easily have them placed anywhere in the backyard. We still have no idea what we like regarding the design of the garden, so we can opt for that to easily change the placements whenever we change our minds.


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