How To Differentiate Between King Mattress And Queen Mattress?


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Single? Couple? Or the one who shares the bed with their children or pets? Which category do you fall? If you sleep single, you are the king or the queen! But if you are sharing the bed as a couple or sharing as triples, you need to decide whether a King or a Queen size mattress is required? Bed size comparison makes a lot of difference while selecting the type of mattress.

Now the question is that do we know “How to differentiate between the King mattress and Queen mattress?” Is it all about the size? Or is it about the quality? So the answer is, it is all about the size difference that is taken into consideration.

Let’s see the bed size comparison between King and Queen mattresses!!

King Size Mattress

King Size Mattress


The King Size Mattresses measures 6,080 square inches.


84 inches long and 76 inches wide.


  • Most importantly very expensive.
  • Cant fit in all kinds of space.
  • Difficulty in moving and shifting.
  • Accessories are costing way too much.


Now let’s discuss the advantages of purchasing King Size Mattresses:

  1. Perfect For Couples

If you are a couple and want to sleep comfortably and even stretch out to your space, a king mattress is just perfect. What else do you want when you wish to sleep cozy and spacious both?

  1. Tripple Sleepers Are Comfortable

If you have a young child, small children, or any pet who likes to sleep with you, space won’t feel less. You can comfortably sleep with small children or pets on the same bed without any discomfort.

  1. Large Bedroom Goals

If you have large bedrooms where you have way lot of space, king size mattress is perfect for you. Queen Size Mattress looks way too small in such rooms, and the rooms look empty and incomplete.

  1. Luxury Is Showered

When you purchase king size mattress, you can feel the royalty and luxury around you. Luxury is not always in the looks. Even the comfort and quality of the product and style matters a lot. King Size Mattress provides you the best quality sleep the entire night.

Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress


The Queen mattress measures 4,800 square inches.


80 inches long & 60 inches wide.


  • Not at all recommended for couples who are sharing their mattress with their children or pets.
  • You can also feel congested in some cases, even if you are sharing the bed as a couple.


I am listing down some primary advantages that differ them from King mattress.

  1. Comfortable For Couples

The queen mattresses are super comfortable for an average couple who prefer to sleep together without maintaining any space between each other.

Even if you prefer to sleep apart from your space, a queen mattress provides you the comfort.

  1. Luxury For Singles

It turns out to be luxury when you are single, and you get to sleep on Queen Mattress all alone. You can stretch out yourself as much as you can and still have a lot of space.

One more plus point of queen mattresses for singles is, you can afford it in your budget.

  1. Bedroom Space Is Not A Concern

Whether you have a massive amount of space or minimal space, a Queen mattress fits perfectly in all kinds of rooms, providing you plenty of extra space in the room.

  1. Human Height Limits After 6.5 Inches

Anyone who has a height of 6.5 inches or less can easily and comfortably sleep on the mattress. If you have a height of more than 6.5 inches, you may face some issues while stretching out your legs.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Queen Mattresses are quite budget-friendly. One can easily afford to get the mattress if they can’t afford to purchase a king mattress.


With this, we end our blog on “How to differentiate between and King and Queen size mattress?” based on bed size comparison. You can choose what kind of bed size you can choose according to your convenience and preference.

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