How To Do A DIY Move Without Breaking All Of Your Stuff


There are lots of reasons you’d want to handle your move on your own. It might save you some cash. It might make you feel less worried about your stuff getting damaged.

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for wanting a do-it-yourself move. The bottom line is you need advice on how to do it without breaking everything of value you own. That’s where we come in.

It’s All About Organization

DIY Home Shifting Ideas

This is probably the essential step of any move. You want to make the job as easy on you as possible. That means you’ll want to be organised.

Pack everything for each room. Start with the larger furniture In your living room. Don’t worry about the smaller items. Packing everything at once can slow down the process. Get the most significant items wrapped first. Then move on to the kitchen. Get all of your appliances ready to load.

You should always pack your bedroom last. That way, you can have all of your essentials ready when you get to your new house. It will make things a lot simpler in case you don’t get everything unpacked right away.

It’s also a good idea to research any tools online that will help with the moving process. Most moving companies have a blog where they give useful advice or tips for people prepping for a move. For example, Suddath offers moving guides or to all the cities they’re based in. This way, you can have a full report on an area without leaving your couch.

Get Rid Of Junk

Get Rid Of Junk

You’ll have to move less stuff if you get rid of all your junk first. Go through all of your old items before you start packing everything, and purge anything you haven’t used in a year (or you forgot existed). It’ll save a lot of hassle both loading and unloading the truck.

The worst thing you can do is box up a bunch of stuff that you’re going just to throw away anyway. Boxes, tape, and space are all worth their weight in gold once the move is in full swing. Only take what’s necessary. You can always bag up old clothes to donate to your local shelter. You could even have a yard sale to make a few bucks before you leave the neighbourhood.

Just focus on reducing the effort you’ll have to put into moving. It’ll save you a ton of time in the long run.

Rent A Moving Truck

Rent A Moving Truck

Not everyone has a vehicle big enough to move heavy furniture. You’ll find out that you have a lot more than you think. Those boxes add up fast.

Try to fit your move into as few trips as possible. You never know what could happen. It’s not going to be fun when you have to spend most of your day driving to drop off a few small loads. The best way to move is by doing it all in one trip.

There are lots of local companies you can find that offer one-day rental trucks for moving. It’s not very expensive. You’ll probably save enough money on gas to cover the cost.

Use High-Quality Boxes

Use High-Quality Boxes

Some online guides will recommend you stop by a local supermarket to ask for old boxes for packing your stuff in. You really shouldn’t do that. You worked hard to pay for everything you own. The last thing you want is for an old box to fall apart when you’re trying to carry it through the front door.

It’s definitely worth the money to buy quality moving boxes. Plus, you can always save them for your next relocation. You can also get packing materials from dollar stores to keep your expensive electronics safe when you’re driving.

Move On A Weekend

Move On A Weekend

Moving on the weekend will help you beat heavy work traffic during business days. You’re going to have more time to get everything unpacked if you’ve got a whole weekend to do it.

A big problem with do-it-yourself moving is finding the motivation to set up your new house. If you spend a lot of time moving, then you might end up with tons of full boxes in your hallway for days or weeks on end. Doing everything on the weekend gives you plenty of hours to take a break when you need one.

Get Some Help

Get The Help Of Friend For Shifting

Don’t be afraid to ask a few friends for a hand. Bribe them with pizza or a cold beer if you need to, but having an extra set of hands when you’re moving a pull-out sofa is a blessing. This is especially important if you’re going to be moving furniture up a staircase or around tight corners.

You Can Do It!

All it takes is a little planning. If you’ve got everything organised, then moving your belongings will be a breeze. Just keep all of these essential tips in mind. You’ll be ready for your new home in no time!

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