How To Do A Small Bedroom Makeover The Easiest Way


The Feeling

The Feeling

Have you been feeling so stuck living in a small bedroom? Do you feel like you have outgrown your childhood bedroom so much that it desperately needs a makeover? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place!

I know a lot about small bedrooms because I’ve always had one. So believe me when I say I feel you. I have almost everything everyone wishes to have in a bedroom. I have fancy bed sheets, comfy blankets, badass wallpapers, even an expensive memory foam pillow!

The Problem

The Problem

And that’s exactly where the problem started. I have had my fair share of dilemmas with having too much in a non-spacious cave. I had to endure studying, working, and having some friends over in what feels like a stock room.

With this, let me share some of the best tips I have learned from doing research. These are some of the best ideas on how you can make your small bedroom bigger, looking, neat, and beautiful.

The Best Solution

The Best Solution

First things first: you have to clean up your room. And by cleaning, I seriously mean throwing away everything you no longer need. I know it’s hard to let go of those greeting cards and stuffed animals that have sentimental value. But remember that you are doing this so you can finally breathe normally inside a decent room.

Do I have to remind you that your bedroom is your nest? It is where you sleep, eat (from time to time), dance, and do private stuff! It is that one (and only) place you get to be your true self. So yeah, I am practically convincing you to tidy up and throw your garbage!

As for your furniture, pick only those that are important and the space-savers. I mean, you do not need a full-sized sofa in there, right? Your home’s living room is there for a reason.

For the sake of space practicality, do away with a queen-sized or king-sized bed unless you want to sleep in your room and do nothing else that will not work. Then, maybe it’s time for you to get yourself a new space-saver bed.

Yes, I have used the word space-saver twice. But that is the whole point of this makeover. We are not only going to beautify your nest but make it livable too.

The Best Tips

The Best Tips

According to Elle Décor, a lifestyle, and design website, one key is choosing the right color. It should be lighter rather than darker. Light color gives out the impression that your room is more spacious.

And apparently, it gives out a calmer and more relaxing vibe—which I’m sure you would want. If you are not into bright colors and black and dark shades are your thing, you can mix and match.

A splendid idea for those of you who want a stress-free ambiance is to go for earth colors. Earth tones and natural colors always make you feel like you are somewhere more peaceful.

Another inspiration idea is to have eye candies inside your room. Put our decors that are interesting to see. Of course, you have to prioritize your likes and interests. Display only those that are appealing to you. There are tons of vintage shops out there that have interesting pieces you can shop for.

With these eye candies, you can put out some matching rugs too. Have a printed carpet under your bed and maybe a matching doormat. Make sure their color goes with the color of your wall too.

Picking the Right Wallpaper

Picking the Right Wallpaper

Next up is wallpapers. This can do the trick when it comes to space. There are wallpaper designs that, when put up, make the room look bigger. Talk about optical illusion! This way, you get to have a room that is fancy-looking too.

Be careful not to over-decorate your room with too much print, though. You do not want to make it look like a lot of things are going on inside. The key is to find the perfect balance of plains and prints.

And if you are vain and love looking at yourself too much, you can use it to your advantage. For example, you can put mirrors inside your room. Again, this creates an illusion of space. But again, not too many mirrors; your room is not a salon.


I could go on and on about more tips and ideas to beautify your small bedroom. However, you have to see things for yourself too. So continue researching by browsing through photo inspirations. There are tons out on the Internet and in magazines.

If you are in desperate need, there are inspirations on the house beautiful too.

You do not have to copy everything that you see as is. That could cost you money that you may not have. What you can do is improvise! That always works best!

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