How To Do A Smart Sales Pitch In Commercial Real Estate


In the sales business, now and then you will be required to do a pitch, and this is usually a very serious time. Many people have destroyed not only their reputation and the reputation of the company but have also lost major clients. This appears negatively on you, and this inevitably leaves a burn on your career. However, we cannot afford to ignore the fact that numerous other people do this right. I believe the word they use is that they are pitching smart, not hard. The commercial real estate field need facts, confidence and professionalism to tackle it. That is why I will be showing you how to deal with this.

  1. Get Good Marketing Ideas

Smart Sales Pitch In Commercial Real Estate

Every client wants to work either the best people in the field and that is just stating the obvious, but there is another side to that story. Many people have lost clients to another salesperson by the simple fact that the other sales person created a personal relationship with the clients. This makes the clients feel at ease, and they will be open to asking you questions and where they have better alternatives they might offer that.

  1. Focus On The Client

Commercial Real Estate Smart Sales Pitch

While doping any pitch or presentation, it is important to realise that you are not doing this to show off or build yourself, but instead, you are doing it for the clients. That is why you need to ensure that 90% of it all revolves on the clients and the other 10% you are free to distribute. This means that you shall cover all about the client and go home satisfied. This is one of the strategies that is used by Clopton Capital where they treat all their clients equally and focus on them getting quality and presenting them with the best deals as far as real estate is concerned.

  1. Get Your Facts Straight

Smart Sales Pitch

The first ay to gain a client’s confidence is portraying yourself as the guy with all the facts, and if you get them straight, that will be a bonus for you. After all, we all want to work with experts. Sell that feeling first to them, and you can go home happy that you have bagged the deal. This will, however, require numerous portions of your time as you do research and you can try understanding from what position the client is coming from so that you address whatever has brought them there. This will ensure that you don’t give them a lot of factual baggage.

  1. Be A Solution Giver

Solution Giver

If the clients had it all figured out, trust me, they would not come to you, but still, here they are. This means that they are there looking forward to you giving them some solution and answers. You will need to possess convincing power and believe in your product. After all, you cannot sell what you don’t believe in.

When you get all these right, you can be assured to either attract more clients or bag yourself a long-term client.

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