How To Expand Your Living Area To The Outside World


Ever wish you could have more room? With so much squeezed into a small space, there is some outdoor space that makes a nice addition. Ideas from help expand your home in style.

The outdoor space can be maximized while reaping the rewards inside.

Style Outside As You Would Inside


While it’s relaxing to sink into a sofa with a glass of wine after a bad day, imagine sinking into a sofa under the sun. Outdoor furnishings have changed since the days of plastic and shredded fabric lounges and folding chairs. It’s about time. You wouldn’t use this inside, so why do it outside?

Synthetic Rattan seating is popular with thick, luxurious cushions on top of hard-wearing but stylish bases. Two or more can be set into unique configurations to create seating designed for your space. With waterproof units, it doesn’t matter if the heavens decide to pour.

Color Scheme

Edmonds Exterior Back

Continue the interior color scheme to the balcony and yard. A ‘flow’ is created, and the easiest way is to select durable pieces in tones to match the interior. The flow of color creates a continuum between two living areas, which turn both into one.


Cast Stone Wood Fire Pit

A real roaring fire is nice and warm, as well as a focal point. Add some alfresco dining with S’mores, and you’re set. Firepits come in multiple designs, and one will fit the outside space nicely.

Specifics For Under $100

Edmonds Exterior Sliders Lifestyle Dusk

With summer here, the urge to move outside is tempting. Using the outdoor area you have available becomes important when the home is a small space. Balcony? Rooftop? Entire backyard? It doesn’t matter. Here are a few under-$100 ideas to make your outdoors feel like indoors.


Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights placed overhead changed a tiny backyard into an entertaining spot and gave everything a nice glow. Festive lighting extends the home’s party space and draws visitors.


Mediterranean Floor Pillows And Poufs

Cozy accessories make an outdoor space more comfortable as it extends decor into the backyard. Indigo pillows placed around a table invite visitors to have a seat.

Rugs Set The State

Luxurious Outdoor Rugs

Grounding a deck with a throw rug able to withstand rain and snow is one low-maintenance way to bring the inside luxuries outside. A soft rug encourages you to kick off your shoes and feel at home.

Take It On Trays

Outdoor Trays

Carrying drinks, books, and snacks outside with sturdy trays won’t get ruined if they are left out overnight.

Seat Cushions

Seat cushions can make slatted wooden chairs comfortable. A tiny balcony with soft seating can make a great dining room for a studio apartment.


Twinkling inside glass lanterns and candles make the space feel lived-in.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Having a personal cinema is like having a second living room — just better. With a blank wall or even a sheet for a screen, a film played from a portable projector makes the outdoors feel better than any drive-in.

Hang Out

The outdoor space can become your favorite room when a swing chair hammock is hung.

The Takeaway

Small spaces don’t have to feel small. With some creativity, it doesn’t even take much money to turn your outside into your inside — living space, that is.

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