How To Find Bedbugs At Your Home


Bedbugs At Your Home

Bedbugs are real, and they can nest at anyone’s home. They can be less or more depending on various factors, but if you suspect that there are bedbugs in your home, here are some common signs of bed bugs.

How To Recognize Bedbugs?

Normally, the bedbugs are in brownish-red color. A grown-up bedbug will be the size of an apple seed. However, there can be many small bedbugs roaming around. They feed on human or animal blood, and the residents might feel itchiness whenever they sit or sleep on the bed or sofa or even a carpet. They have flat bodies in normal condition, but after a blood meal, they get bigger.  A freshly fed bedbug will be a little swollen and look a little reddish compared to an unfed and slightly smaller brownish bedbug. So, if you see an oval-shaped, reddish-brown insect roaming around, know that they are bedbugs, and they are about to mess up your whole hygienic routine.

Can They Fly?

Another thing to notice about them is that they can’t fly, but they are quick to move from one place to another. Female bedbugs can lay eggs in corners, on the ceiling, and may look like a part of normal dust. The thing is, they are not like bees or birds. They make their nest n hiding places. If you don’t take care of bedbugs, you may be nesting plenty of them by the end of a week.

They Shed Their Skin

Another sign of bedbugs is that a bedbug needs to shed his skin a few times before reaching maturity, and every time they shed skin, they need to feed on blood. In that process, they may leave behind a few bloody stains on your bedsheet, sofa cover, or the carpet.  If you find such stains, it will be the bedbugs.

How Do You Detect Them?

How Do You Detect Bedbugs

There is no particular way to detect them when they enter your home. They may come through the luggage; they might come along with your feet or the new clothes you brought from laundry and things like that.

Do They Grow On Dirt?

There is a big misconception in people that bedbugs grow in unhygienic conditions; that is not the case. Bedbugs thrive on human and animal blood. They eat nothing more. So, a clean house can have bedbugs too. But once they are inside your house, your things are not safe. They become infected, and killing them is necessary. The best bed bug heat treatment you can do on your own is to use sunlight, keep your house warm and wear clothes after ironing.

When Do They Bite?

Bedbugs bite humans and animals at night when they are asleep. Normally, you don’t know what’s been happening. They pierce the skin and suck through their elongated beak. They can suck from 3 to 10 minutes and then crawl away quietly. It is better that you kill them because they are not good for your health.

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