How To Fix Common Garage Door Problems


How To Fix Common Garage Door Problems

When your garage door stops working or doesn’t open, then it is understood there is a problem associated with it. If you are waiting for the door to work so that you want to place your car inside the garage, but the door is not responding, then it’s a severe issue. Abandoning your car outside for a night can be dangerous for your vehicle. Someone can cause damage to it, or it can get lost, therefore, taking care of the garage door is much more critical. Here are some common problems due to which you encounter this issue. The issues can be resolved quickly by DIY.

If the following step doesn’t serve your purpose then you should leave garage door repair to the pros:

  1. Door Opener Of The Garage Is Not Working

This is the most common problem faced by every garage owner. This is the first and foremost issue that has come to knowledge. You can put some lubricant to reduce friction if the opener is chain or drive screw operated. Put silicon lubricant or spray as much required on the opener and please remove the excess.

  1. Remote Control And Wall Switch Operator Has Stopped Running

When these two things are not working means that the power source is disrupted. The reason can be the motor unit is unplugged. So do not forget checking whether the wall switch is plugged or not at the outlet. It can be another reason for the fuse, or the controller is burnt due to wear and tear of the circuit. Set breaker if you find out that other electrical switches are not working in the garage. If you find there is a short circuit you are recommended to hire a professional to solve this problem.

  1. The Sharp And Irritating Noise

There can be times your garage doors make noise that can irritate you. There can be any reasons for it, but one of the main reasons is it needs lubrication. Lose hardware, and shabby parts have frequent problems with a solution which can be done by you. Try applying, and you may find the shabby and squeaky parts to be working efficiently.

  1. Garage Door Doesn’t Close Totally

There can be many reasons due to which the doors are not closing completely. Such as:

  1. Set-limit switch in the garage has stopped working
  2. Safety sensors need alignment and adjustment
  3. Rollers on the rail metal tracks are rusted and damaged due to which it is creating a blockage on the track
  1. Broken And Cracked Weather Sealant

Sealants are used to stop street noise from getting inside, keeps the water out during heavy rains, works as air leaks sealing. If the sealant is broken or there is a crack you must replace it with a new one.

These are a couple of reasons for common garage problems faced by everyone. Remote and wall switch is not working, and the opener is not responding, there is damaging rust, the sealant is not working and many more.

We have provided a DIY solution to the above problems if you feel this is not your cup of tea; please feel free to get in touch with an expert.

They are highly skilled and can help you with the knowledge of equipment and tools. In case there is any broken or damaged part get in touch with contractors and schedule an appointment. Our recommendation will be to opt in for annual maintenance if you want to stay safe and save money from any damage to garage doors.

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