How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep (When There’s Two In The Bed)


A good night’s sleep is a basic necessity, which is essential for us to function correctly, both at work and at home. In this piece, we look at some of the most common problems people face in their quest for a good night’s sleep and some quick-fix remedies.

My Partner’s Hot, And I’m Not

Couple Sleeping on Mattress

The temperature that you and your partner prefer while sleeping is a hugely important factor that is often overlooked when selecting the most suitable bed or mattress. This is why many couples prefer to sleep on twin mattresses, Well Worth Living has selected the top adult twin mattresses for you to check out.

While no one wants to be too cold in bed, this can usually be fixed through extra bedding. On the other hand, there is almost nothing you can do to cool yourself down if you are too hot in bed. Many mattresses now use memory foam for their excellent pressure relieving properties. However, it’s worth noting that a proportion of people find this heat retaining material keeps them too warm for a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you feel that you or your partner may be sensitive to the extra warmth of memory foam, look out for temperature regulating fabrics that are becoming increasingly popular. Alternatively, consider natural latex fillings that relieve pressure points without retaining heat. Alternatively, hybrid mattresses that combine springs and memory foam are much more relaxed than full foam varieties.

My Partner Keeps On Moving In The Night

Romantic Bedroom

Whether you recognize it or not, if you share your bed, your quality of sleep may well be being disrupted by your partner. Perhaps your partner moves around a lot in their sleep; maybe they have to get up earlier than you and wake you up in the process, maybe there’s a significant disparity between your body types, whatever the issue, a right mattress will be able to resolve the problem.

The key is in the type of mattress construction chosen. Rather than putting up with poor quality sleep and continual tiredness or banishing your partner to another room, why not simply invest in a good quality mattress? While in a substandard mattress, movement on one of the sides of the bed will be felt on the other, a good mattress will absorb movement, ensuring that the sleep of both you and your partner can continue undisturbed.

I Don’t Have Enough Space

Happy Newly Wed Couple

You may also want to consider investing in a bigger bed. Believe it or not, most double beds offer only as much space per person as a standard cot. Yes, a cot. We believe the key to an excellent, restful night’s sleep will be around how much space you and your partner have. More is more when it comes to the size of a bed so, space allowing we would always recommend the biggest bed your room (or your budget) can accommodate. Remember, a mattress, generally, should get replaced after 5-7 years, but a bed could last a lifetime, so plan accordingly — chosen wisely it’s a purchase you won’t regret!

My Partner Snores

Anti Snore Pillow

There are loads of remedies (and causes) for snoring, so our advice would be taking action now. Snoring can have a very detrimental effect on a relationship. A common cause of snoring can be too much alcohol if alcohol can trigger snoring the obvious action to take is to banish the drinker to another room (or the sofa) if they have overindulged. There are also gum and nose devices that can be employed if the snoring condition is more chronic.

The Bed Warehouse Direct is a family run business in the UK and has been offering the best selection of beds for over 30 years.

Overall, Alcohol addicts have been known to suffer from insomnia more than people who only drink from time to time.

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