How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?


Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects found in furniture, beddings, or small crevices in a building. They mainly feed off human blood to nourish themselves and reproduce. The resulting rashes are familiar to many, and they make carrying out everyday tasks a nuisance. Early detection and treatment of bed bugs is your best bet to prevent problems and avoid any further health issues. Here’s what to do if you suspect these insects are nearby:

  1. Inspect Your House

Bed bugs have specific places that they like to infest. These include cracks in furniture and beds, mattresses, dressers, inside electric outlets, under loose wallpapers or paintings and posters, and in baseboards. Look for tell-tale signs in these places, such as droppings, blood for when the bugs get crushed, or tiny eggs. These signs, while indicating the presence of bed bugs, also highlight the infestation’s extensiveness. A mild infestation is easy to take care of, but if it’s a big one, the job will require professional help.

  1. Contain The Infestation

After you have searched your whole house, mark the areas where you find signs of an infestation. Separate any furniture so that the infestation does not spread. Seal immovable objects at risk, such as walls and outlets. To remove the bugs from your furniture, start vacuuming. Then seal off the contents into a plastic bag and discard them. Seal off your affected clothing or linens and wash them in hot water. The heat will kill any remaining insect.

  1. Treat The Infestation

To kill the bugs, you can use chemical or non-chemical methods. For non-chemical killing, temperatures above 46°C or below 0°C are fatal to bed bugs and end up killing them. Put linens and affected clothes in a washer and dry them with the temperatures mentioned earlier for 30 minutes. Use a dryer with high heat settings for objects you cannot move.

In case of small spaces such as notches where a vacuum doesn’t do the job, take a sharp object, such as a knife or a card, and sweep the area to remove the bugs. To prevent them from wriggling away, use tape and stick the bugs on it. Then proceed to kill them with a dryer. It is best to store any bed sheets or mattresses that you cannot wash in a plastic bag for a year to remove any resilient bugs that the vacuum could not get to. Hiring professionals for chemical killing is best, as it can be dangerous if you are a novice.


Bed bugs are irritating and cause itchy welts that will disturb your sleep. It is best to get your house treated. A small infestation can quickly be dealt with personally, but a larger one requires professional help.

Professionals will use different tools to detect an infestation. Companies like Discreet Bed Bug inspections have trained canines that search your home to help you find and eliminate these insects. Pesticides and insecticides can then be used to treat the infestation. You should also conduct a post-treatment inspection to ensure no bugs remain and be cautious in the future.

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