How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants


Carpenter ants are some of the most problematic ants out there. While other ants might raid your picnic, carpenter ants will dig into the walls of your home and cause lasting damage. It’s important that you get rid of these bugs quickly and for good.

Luckily, you can remove carpenter ants with insecticide. The trick is to find where the ants are nesting first. Then, you must pest-proof your home so they never come back. If you need help, reach out to a professional for carpenter ant extermination. A technician will get to the bottom of your ant problem and take care of it.

Signs of Carpenter Ants

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are big, black ants. At up to 25mm in length, they’re twice the size of fire ants and ten times bigger than pavement ants. If you see any ants on your property that are particularly large, they’re probably carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are usually spotted near wooden structures, like decks. This is because they dig their nests in soft wooden structures.

One of the biggest signs of a carpenter ant infestation is finding sawdust near a wall or wooden structure. You might also notice some damage and see ants crawling in and out of the wall. In the spring, colonies produce winged ants that often flock to windowpanes. Seeing large, winged ants in the house strongly indicates that you have a carpenter ant problem.

How To Exterminate Carpenter Ants

How To Exterminate Carpenter Ants

First, you must locate the nest. Carpenter ants often nest in doors, windowsills, roofing, and wall voids. Look for sawdust and ant activity. Then, use an insecticide that was formulated specifically for carpenter ants. Regular ant baits won’t work. Follow the instructions on the insecticide very carefully.

The most reliable thing you can do is hire an exterminator. Professionals can find exactly where the colony is nesting and get rid of it with specialized tools. They can reach into the carpenter ant nest, eliminating the colony on the spot. To ensure that every bug is accounted for, they apply a residual powder that eliminates ants on contact.

How To Prevent Carpenter Ants

How To Prevent Carpenter Ants

You can avoid another carpenter ant problem with a few home improvements. First, make sure that your home’s humidity is at an acceptable level. Carpenter ants and most other insects can only survive in damp environments.

Homes should sit between 50-60% humidity in the summer and 30-40% in the winter. If you don’t have a hygrometer, fill a glass with water and a few ice cubes. Then, wait for 3 to 4 minutes. If there is lots of condensation on the glass, the humidity in your home is probably too high. You can reduce it by upgrading your bathroom ventilation, using your range hood while you cook, and opening the windows. Consider investing in a dehumidifier.

The next thing you can do is maintain your home. Replace old pieces of wood and decaying structures, like an old deck, shed, or tree stump. Store firewood away from the house. Keep an eye out for ants and take action when you see them.

Finally, you should make a habit of keeping the house clean. Carpenter ants, like many other ants, love sweet and oily foods. Clean your floors on a regular basis and put food away at the end of the day. Good housekeeping helps to keep all kinds of critters out of the house.

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