How To Get Rid Of Condensation On House Windows


How To Get Rid Of Condensation On House Windows

A common homeowner complaint is an inconvenience and unpleasant appearance with window condensation. A common issue, particularly in older homes and humid locations, window condensation, can be a bigger problem than simple aesthetics. While nobody enjoys hazy views or dark and dingy spaces, the major concerns are the diminished energy efficiency and the likelihood that damp rot and mold can spread and damage the window frames beyond repair.

As energy-efficiency declines, your utility bills begin to climb, which will alert you to the fact that something needs to be done. Still, if you deal with the issue early on, you can ideally avoid ghastly gas bills or expensive window replacements. There are a few solutions to window condensation that you can attempt to remedy, all depending on the severity level.

Condensation Inside Your Home

Condensation on the interior of your home’s windows is the result of too much moisture in the air of your home (in comparison to the air on the exterior of your windows) which has built upon the inner surface of your windowpanes. This differs from outer condensation, which is the collection of dew its rainfall.

Condensation Between The Panes of Your Window

Give The Windows A Scrub

Before taking any drastic measures, it would be wise to get a full understanding of just how bad the situation is by giving the windows a good clean.

Get The Air Flowing

When the weather permits, don’t miss an opportunity to open your windows and air them out. This allows the dense, warmer air to escape and circulate any moisture which may settle in the pains or seals. If you have ceiling fans, changing the direction of their flow during the wintertime will aid in pushing the warm air up and circulating it – discouraging moisture from settling and condensing on your windows. If you have extractor fans in your kitchen and bathroom, these are very handy in assisting you in removing excess moisture from the air.

Try A Window Insulation Kit

These kits are modules that can be fit onto the exterior of your windows to prevent condensation from building up on the inside. While these kits can help make up for the loss of energy efficiency caused by the condensation, it in itself cannot resolve the problem. If you are looking to save on heating bills, however, then window insulation kits can help you with that.

Upgrade Your Window Panes

If you have double-pane windows, condensation is probably caused by worn and damaged seals. This might be solved by simply replacing the panes, a relatively cheap and easy project.

Upgrade Your Windows Entirely

If the circumstances are too far gone, however, and moisture has seeped out of the seals into the frames, causing them to rot and become swollen, then replacing the entire unity becomes a more likely solution. There are pros and cons to replacement, and to decide the best solution for you, it would be wise to get a professional to look at it and make the best assessment.

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