How to Get Summer Serenity on a Small Patio Space


As the summer heats up, everyone wants to be outside as much as possible. But when you have a small patio space to work with, it can be hard to achieve that sense of serenity you’re looking for. Even if you only have a small concrete square, there are ways to make your patio seem like the outdoor spa you’ve always wanted. By following these tips, you can construct an amazing patio space even in a limited area.

Choose An Item To Act As The Focus

How to Get Summer Serenity on a Small Patio Space

Whether it’s a set of chairs you love or a piece of durable artwork that fits perfectly in your patio space, use that item as the focus of your patio or the theme to inform the rest of the decor. Every other piece added to space should be measured against the focus. In a small space, you don’t want your decorations to be too busy. By filtering the items through the lens of an easy-to-describe theme, you can determine what decorations and furniture will add to the effect you’re attempting to create, and which ones will undermine it. Try a small rock fountain that can be great for background noise in a quiet garden, or maybe a large trellis covered in your most vibrant flowers can focus all eyes to one spot. Small metal frame furniture can be great when you have a large focus, and with a smaller fountain, you can go bigger with the surrounding décor.

Keep It Simple

How to Get Summer Serenity on a Small Patio Space

In a small space, you don’t have the luxury of adding in clutter. Since you’re aiming for serenity, simplicity is key. Do you need that extra set of chairs, or will they cramp up your limited seating area? Is that large table necessary, or is a small one more appropriate? Think about the bare minimum and use it to your advantage by using less room and buying less equipment. Keep your patio space simple to maintain the aura of peace. Keep your grill in the garage or move your trash cans to another side of the house. You need all the room you can get with a small patio.

Add Some Greenery

How to Get Summer Serenity on a Small Patio Space

While allergies can limit the number of plants you’re able to use to fill the area, adding some greenery to your small patio space will help improve the aura of serenity substantially. Don’t have a green thumb? Choose plants that are hardy and will last forever. Use just one or two pots on the edge of the patio and choose bright flowers that bloom all summer. Herbs are a great addition to any outdoor area and serve a dual purpose. Not only are they pretty, but they’re also functional in your kitchen as well, and many add a sweet aroma to the air.

Add A Pop Of Color

Add A Pop Of Color

Serenity doesn’t mean boring. Add in a pop of color, preferably in one of your favorite bright hues. A bright yellow or turquoise might be enough to add a glimmer of sunshine to an otherwise grey, dreary day. Use creatively patterned cushions or flower pots with a bright tile theme. Even your umbrella might be enough to add just the right amount of color. Big blooms like peonies can be great for giving a dull flower bed near the patio, a punch of color.

Take Advantage Of Shade

Perfectly Serene Patio Space

Sitting in the sun in the full heat of summer can only lead to sweaty circumstances, which aren’t particularly serene. Take advantage of the shade potential offered in your yard to help make your patio a beautiful place to spend time. Look at houses for sale in Markham that have established trees, or maybe consider adding a canopy or a roof to part of your patio area to provide shade in the heat of summer. The shade is a key ingredient to a perfectly serene patio space.

Having a beautiful patio is possible even if you don’t have a ton of room. Just think simple and add décor to minimal furniture and a focused theme. Use the space to your advantage and liven it up with plants and flowers. Soon you’ll have the serenity outdoors you’ve always wanted.

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