How to Get Your Domestic Air Conditioner Cleaned?


Home air conditioners demand periodic cleaning, especially after the warranty period is over. When you need to clean the mesh filters in Windows AC, you need to do the same in split AC too. The only difference is in the way you take out the filters, find their dimensions, and reinsert or fit them in the machine. In this way, all the things that need to be done for home AC match on another in some way. Different types of air conditioners are designed with a separate layout, and only trained technicians know these designs very well. If you do not maintain the air conditioner and do not clean their filters and ducts, then the air conditioner will stop circulating the cool air. So it is suggested to clean these parts and maintain your air conditioner by hiring some trained professionals.

How Important Is It to Get Domestic Ac Cleaning Services?

Domestic Ac Cleaning Services

Air Conditioner services are much required to avoid many accidents, bad air, and clogged ducts. Else these may lead to electrical fires, and such cases can damage your property and affect your health. So it is suggested to check the wiring, different components, and parts of your air conditioner after a certain time and replace the damaged parts.

While air conditioner machines can help you get cool soon, they may get heated fast when the condenser dries off, or the machine gets congested with too much dirt and dust. To avoid mishaps, cleaning is a must, and at least once in a year, and for better health of the machine, twice a year is good.

How to Service Your Ac On Your Own?

Service Your Ac On Your Own

When you get a good AC servicing company in your area, you can rely on them that their technician will handle your machine whatever the model is. However, before you call the technician, or through the tenure of seasonal use, you also can do some periodic check of the AC to understand if the machine is operating in decent condition or not. Such a check will let you understand if you need to call the technician for some urgent repairs or servicing etc.

  • You need to switch off the unit and find the capacitor of the machine. To locate the capacitor, you can read the AC manual book. You can easily locate different parts of the air conditioner by reading the manual, and you can also dismantle the air conditioner in the same way.
  • The condenser fan needs periodic cleaning from the dust accumulated. On accessing the fan motor, you should oil it with good machine oil.
  • The condenser coil is highly meshed up and closely placed. To clean it, you need to spray a jet of water. First, you should open the casing and then subject it to jets of water for the dirt to wash off.
  • The fins can be combed and cleaned with a fin comb. If any fins are bent, you may gently realign it with the fin comb or a gentle soft brush.
  • The filter needs a thorough cleaning, which you may do using a brush and water. You may also use some soap. In case it too congested, you may have to change the filter completely.
  • Duct cleaning of the air ducts is much essential, and you must periodically clean them. It is a hectic task to clean the ducts because you need to dismantle the ducts from the central units, and it is suggested to consult with some air conditioner maintenance service for this task.

All of these checks are must, and even you can also do it while being a complete novice. However, if a serious problem starts or some folly from your part erupts a problem suddenly, they do get in contact with an experienced technician to get help.

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