How To Give Traditional Look With Victorian Furniture?


Victorian Furniture

A Brief History

The reigning period of Queen Victoria in England is known as the Victorian period. This period from the early ’80s to the 19th century was an era dominated by style, elegance, and ornamentation. Everything about this era could be associated with finesse, sophistication and included minute details for comfort.

  • The era is well-known for its exquisite design of furniture and decorative that gives a vibrant and royal look wherever placed. From coffee tables to a classic victorian mirror, the beautiful carvings and embellishing of the pieces make them timeless and priceless.
  • It was during this period that the manufacturers lost direct contact with the end-users due to the high and ever-increasing demands of Victorian-style furniture.
  • The high demands brought in the need for machinery for manufacturing furniture on a large scale. Which reduced the need for human labor. However, this did not survive for long because of the low-quality products the machines outputted. Thus, the look-alike in this furniture gained popularity.
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This look-alike furniture, commonly called Victorian Reproduction Furniture, has been in fashion since time immemorial, and it continues to be a choice for many to date.

How Is It Distinguished/ Know About The Distinct Features Of Victorian Reproduction Furniture

Various characteristics make Victorian reproduction furniture distinguishable. These are not originals or in original forms and, therefore, are not marked by and symbol or distinct mark. It is just how the furniture is designed that makes it look like a timeless piece.

 A Few Features To Name Are:

  • Ornamentation

Beautiful carving in golden or colored polish makes the furniture look very rich. The detailing and embellishments are associated with the royal families, and the same on furniture of lesser value gives it an evergreen look and keeps it beautiful always.

  • Quality of Woods

Victorian furniture is made from ebony, mahogany, rosewood, oak wood, and walnut wood. Besides, textures can also be given using leather, glass, metal, and marble.

  • Springs

It was during the Victorian period that springs were introduced in beds and sofas to give them the bounce and extra comfort. Another feature was the curvilinear construction that could easily be seen in the Victorian tables, the fireplaces, the mantels, and Victorian balloon-back chairs.

  • Comfort

In the time of Queen Victoria, ladies wore huge dresses that did not permit comfortable seating. However, low lying sofas with depth rolled over side handles, high chairs without side support, and top backs gave it the property of comfort furniture.

  • Fabrics

Since the furniture was meant for the upper-middle and high class, though with a royal look, the fabrics used were also of premium quality and design; brocades, needlepoints, damasks, and velvets with vibrant and rich colors were popularly used.

  • The Overall Look

The key lies in keeping the overall ambiance of the room subtle by using printed wallpapers, the aristocratic look, and the beautiful elegance that makes the surroundings look sophisticated and stylish, with low ceilings coupled with a piece or two of an antique look to get the royal touch.

The Fact behind Reproduction Furniture

The rich wanted to look luxurious, but with the exclusively designed high-end furniture which was way above their pockets, it was nearly impossible. And manually done, these took a lot of time too, making demands way above supplies. Thus, machinery was introduced in the industry that made similar-looking furniture, saving a lot of time with the raised output. Its popularity was such that despite disastrous flaws with the manufacturing, the process survived.

Ever since this concept has become popular, and Victorian reproduction furniture has remained a favorite for those who want to give their homes a traditional look.

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