How To Give Your Tween’s Bedroom An Amazing Makeover


Children between the ages of nine and 12, otherwise known as tweens, are just starting to discover who they are and what they like. Often, they may be desperate to be treated like adults–or at least real people with personalities and preferences. As a result, your tween might soon express that she isn’t so crazy about the design of her bedroom. If it’s remained unchanged since she was a little girl, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

During these pivotal pre-teen years, your daughter will probably yearn for a space that’s all her own and that reflects her changing tastes. Here are some key aspects to consider when making over your tween’s bedroom so that she might be thrilled to stay home (for once).

Decide On Style

Rich Bedroom Style For Tween

By the year 2020, the number of tweens in the United States is projected to hit 23 million. But not all pre-teens have the same likes and dislikes. Rather than relying on instinct or what a specific brand tells you that your tween will like, it’s better to involve your daughter in the redesign process.

Please find out more about the elements she wants to see in her room and the style towards which she gravitates. Does she like feminine florals and pops of pastels, or would she instead have something super chic and contemporary in black and white? While you may not be able to honor every single request she has, consulting her on the overall style of this project can ensure she’ll be happy with the final result.

Whatever style you decide on, make sure it can serve her well throughout her teenage years. After all, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that tweens are constantly evolving and are discovering new things about themselves daily. This design should be able to adapt as she continues to change and grow. A style that’s too specific or focused on a trendy reference may not age well. If you create a versatile style foundation, you can easily swap out some aspects without going through another colossal change in a few years.

Designate Different Zones

Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Before you can get started on the nitty-gritty details, it will help to divide your tween’s room into different “zones.” This can allow their bedroom to be more multi-functional and encourage your teen to prioritize their studies, hobbies, and free time more productively and enjoyably. Ideally, your tween should have specific spots for sleeping, studying, relaxation, and socialization.

She’ll need a comfortable bed, of course, seeing as tweens typically require 10 hours of sleep per night. Be sure to add a cozy blanket, soft linens, and fun pillows to make her sleep space as tranquil as possible. If you have the room available, you might want to consider swapping out the twin bed for a full to give her even more room to stretch out. Don’t forget a bedside table or two to ensure she has ample light to read in bed and so she can store personal effects nearby.

Your tween’s relaxation and socialization space may be defined by a couple of comfy-yet-trendy chairs and a small table or a window seat that provides some solitude. A loveseat or daybed can also do the trick too. If she has a television or game console in her room, make sure there’s ample seating for when friends come over. A bookshelf, floor lamp, and charging station will ensure that she can power up her mind and tech. Whether parents like it or not, pre-teens may spend six hours or more consuming entertainment media. This way, she’ll have an established place to catch up on YouTube videos or listen to her favorite music.

Then, she’ll need a place to study, do homework, and create fun projects. Typically, a spacious desk will be ideal. If you DIY a desk using a more extended table, make sure to supplement it with some fabric bins for supplies and a small filing cabinet or desk trays for storage. You can also add a bulletin board, chalkboard, or whiteboard and use additional wall shelving to ensure your tween has everything she needs to succeed in school. Those who are short on space might consider a floating desk that’s mounted on the wall and can easily fold up or out when needed. Good lighting and organizational tools are both must-haves here.

Amplify Storage Space

Bedroom Storage Space

During the next few years, your tween will probably accumulate quite a bit. From study guides and yearbooks to stuffed animals and knick-knacks, you’ll need somewhere to put them all. Items that hold sentimental or educational value but aren’t required constantly should be stored somewhere safe. But it’s easy to run out of the room if you don’t plan.

One of the best things you can do is build as much storage space as possible into your tween’s bedroom design. A lofted bed can allow you to fit several storage bins underneath, while a table or ottoman that opens up can provide some much-needed room for miscellaneous items. A bedside table that offers additional storage underneath can eliminate the need for a large laundry basket, bookshelf, or other furniture that will take up valuable space. And if your tween has a walk-in closet, she may not need a large dresser; you may need to focus on better closet organization instead. That way, she’ll have room for elements she does want and need.

Making over your pre-teen’s bedroom can make for an incredible birthday gift or serve as the ideal start to a new school year. As long as you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to transform her haven into one that makes her smile every time she walks in the room.

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