How To Hang A Shower Curtain Rod-Full Installation Guide


Shower Curtain Rod

Shower curtains are a regular thing in our bathroom, and to hang one, you need to use some rod. Since most curtains are less in weight, lightweight rods are an optimal choice for supporting them.

There are several types of rods available these days for holding those beautiful curtains. Once you pick a suitable type that goes well with your bath surrounding, the only thing left to do is install that rod.

So, let’s have a chat over how to hang a shower curtain rod of different types.

Three Ways To Install A Shower Curtain Rod Easily

Depending on what type of curtain rod you are owning, the installation method is supposed to vary here and there. And so, it’ll be more practical to talk about some common rod types installation today.

Here, we’ll go through three common rod types to complete the installation process. Enjoy!

Tools You’ll Need:

  1. Shower curtain rod
  2. Rings and curtain
  3. Stud finder
  4. Drywall anchors
  5. Drilling machine
  6. Drill bits
  7. Hardware’s provided with a rod
  8. Pencil
  9. Tape measure
  10. Screwdriver
  11. Hammer
  1. How To Install Tension Rods?

The quickest and easiest shower curtain rods are tension rods. These are perfect for renting since there’s hardly any hardware necessary. Also, the rods are easy to edge in place between two walls.

However, you need to fit them properly. Or else there’s a chance of these rods falling out too many times. Some even consider the rod to be damaging for drywall. However, that’s only the case when you go for too tight wedging and let no stud support.

And so, we’ll talk about a method that involves bracing the rod in the right way.

Here’s What to Do!

You need to use a tape measure and quickly grab notes about the distance between two walls. When you buy the tension rod, ensure its length is equal to this measurement, plus a couple of inches.

Now you want to turn both ends in the opposite direction for opening or extending the rod. So that the rod becomes 1-2 inches longer than two walls between distance, you can keep it aside after doing so.

Now bring the curtain and hold it from one wall’s top part. This is where the tub’s aprons are placed below. You need to ensure the curtain’s hem is sitting six inches below the tub’s edge.

Make adjustments for making the height this way. Now use a pencil and mark this determining mark on the wall. Use some measurement tactics to copy this mark on the other wall, which is the opposite side of your shower.

It’s time to set the tension rod with the proceed rings before installing. Now edge rod in the right place. You want to ensure that you’re holding one end of this rod over the mark on that wall side.

Then compress this rod and match it with the mark available on another side of the shower. As the rod gets into the place, make the required adjustments. And the task should be done!

  1. How To Install A Fixed Rod?

Okay, now anyone who does not really love the entire idea of tension rods falling out now and then would probably think about using fixed rods. These are more on a traditional side and comes with an array of designs individually.

Also, the installation process is relatively simple. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about rods moving from their place because of their fixed nature. Let’s know how you get these installed.

Here’s What to Do!

Start with marking the location on both walls where you will fix the rods to. You need a stud finder next. Gradually place it over the spot where you have marked down earlier. This will help you to ensure if there are studs behind the drywall.

Once you notice that device is beeping or lighting up, then there’s certainly a stud right behind the mark made. If there’s no stud, then you need to add some support.

If your walls are tiled, then there’s a need for pre-drill holes and also insertion of wall anchor. Make sure you don’t ignore that.

You need to screw those anchors into holes next. Bring the mounting hardware to secure carefully. You need to use the screws to fix them into wall anchors smoothly.

Follow up with the rod to install it. But before that, you want to slip rings through the rod. Now mount rod into the holes. And you are ready to put those curtains on and enjoy the final look!

  1. How To Install Curved Rod?

Mostly in hotels and luxurious rent villas, you will find the curvy rod in their shower space that looks super aesthetic. These are, of course, posher and demand quite a price.

Using these rods for a tub will make the whole space look extra huge. There’s also less hassle of curtain liner here. You can avail of the crescent or curved models in different variations as well. Let’s talk about installing an adjustable curved shower rod since these are more common within homes and less pricey. Plus, the installation is also easy.

Here’s What To Do!

You don’t really need to go for new holes since that will somewhat complex the process. Also, those old holes will need patching, filling, and painting. And that would be too many tasks for a mere rod hanging project.

Start using a screwdriver for removing the old rod’s screws out. Now you need the bracket as a template. Hold it against the wall on the top hole of this bracket. It needs to sit right above the old outermost or top mounting hole. Once you ensure the leveling, go for marking the bottom hole’s location.

For the new bottom holes, install plastic wall anchors next. You also want to get rid of those old, mangled plastic wall anchors.

Now, if you face difficulty because the previous mounting holes were installed horizontally, then here’s what to do. You need to consider the tub’s furthest located screw hole. This is going to be the top hole for the new bracket. If a new bracket isn’t covering the old hole, then patching is necessary. You may also need to touch up the wall with paint.

As soon as the anchors are in place, securely fasten the new rod’s bracket to the wall. Use the provided screws for this.

Follow manufacturer-provided instructions to clip one end of the rod into the bracket. Usually, a spring-loaded clip is used here. Also, you may need a screwed fastener instead of the spring clips in some cases. Whatever method you need to follow according to the manufacturer, use it for attaching the rod to the bracket securely.

Now it’s time to extend the adjustable rod. Make it come to the necessary, correct length, and finally go for another end. Place the other end inside the wall bracket. Put on the curtain and liner next. And you are all set to leave the washroom with a curved shower rod hanging behind.

Wrap Up

And that was some easy-to-follow instructions on how to install a shower curtain rod, depending on the type you own. Hopefully, the guide was helpful, and you will be able to proceed without any problem.

Curtains are a huge part of the whole bathroom décor. And without a proper shower rod installation, it’s going to be always a step behind being perfect. So, pay attention and get the job done. Good luck! I hope this guide will be helpful for everyone.

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