How To Hang String Lights In The Backyard


Patios With String Lights

String lights add a unique and beautiful touch to any outdoor space. With summer coming up, plenty of time will surely be spent outdoors. Think barbecue nights, GNOs, and movie nights –  activities that give us the best excuse to dress up the backyard. String lights are a great way to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that instantly creates a lasting impression among your guests.

Whether you are looking to light up your patio or your backyard, hanging string lights couldn’t be easier! In this blog post, we will go over the tools and the plans that you will need to set up for success.

  1. Choose Your Lights

String lights are a great way to bring life and ambiance to outdoor spaces, and there are types of string lights to fit all types of settings. Plug-in string lights come in plenty of styles and lengths, ready to be plugged in. Battery-powered and solar-powered lights give even more flexibility with no need for access to an electricity source.

If you’re hanging lights under a pavilion, you can opt for plug-in lights. They’re brighter, and you’ll always have a guarantee that the lights will be working properly regardless of the season.

Solar-powered lights are often dependent on how much light they receive during the day. But these come in handy if you need to hang lights on a roofless deck or patio. They’re also likely to be waterproof, so you won’t worry about damaging the electrical line.

  1. Prepare The Tools Of The Trade

Ladder For Light

The first step in hanging string lights is gathering all of the necessary materials. Apart from the string lights themselves, the most important tool you must have is a ladder. Alternatively, if you’re planning to hang your lights low, you can grab a stool or a sturdy chair to give you enough height for the installation.

Next, prepare all of the hardware you need, including light clips, wire ties, and hooks. Depending on what type of surface you are attaching them to—wooden posts, metal poles, trees—you will also want to have some screws or nails handy.

  1. Plan For Success

Pergola Lighting

Before you go ahead and hang the lights, it is important to plan how they will be arranged. The best places you can attach them to are trees, fences/walls, railings, or under the roof of a pergola. You can also DIY your own poles to the ground for a bit more flexibility.

Just a heads up: before attaching the lights, try and do a test run in case any adjustments need to be made or simply make sure the lights are working. This could also include moving some of the bulbs around or adjusting the length of wire between each bulb. It is also important to determine how many extension cords you will need so that you do not end up with too few outlets for all your bulbs.

  1. Hang The Lights

Hanging Lights

Once you have everything planned out and ready to go, it’s time to start installing those string lights! Start by finding an outlet where you can plug in your power source. Once that is done, use your clips and/or screws/nails to attach each bulb securely into place according to your plan. After all the bulbs are secure, arrange your extension cords as needed so that each bulb has access to power when turned on. Finally, it’s time to see the magic happen – turn on the switch, set up the outdoor dining table, and hang string banners for extra flair.

Hanging string lights in an outdoor space can really transform an area from boring into something special! You can hang it on patios with string lights if you want to. With just a few simple steps and some careful planning ahead of time, anyone can recreate a backyard worthy of amazing conversations and memorable moments with family and friends. Plus, you don’t need any major DIY skills or tools other than a ladder to make this possible.

Now is definitely the time to illuminate your backyard for the long summer nights to come!

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