How To Have The Best Looking Yard On The Block


Best Looking Yard
Everyone tends to look at their neighbor’s yard and think that it’s greener than their yard. It’s not unusual at all to want to have the best-looking yard on the block. Here are some tips and tricks to help you reach your goal!

Plot It Out

Start by plotting out your landscaping. Look at the size and the shape or your landscape and factor in the cost and labor of maintaining your landscape. Don’t forget to list the types of plants that you want, the fertilizer and the amount of work that it will take to manage all of this throughout all 4 of the seasons.

Be sure to incorporate some taller plants and shorter plants and plot them out accordingly. Consider the placement of your plants and the different blooming seasons that each particular plant has. Not all flowers bloom at the same time, so this is an ideal time for you to mix and match so that something is always in bloom.

Get Rid Of Yard Debris

Make sure that you’re raking the dead grass out of your yard. Nothing screams unkempt like a bunch of brown dead grass in the yard. It will make your grass look instantly greener to remove this debris, and it will let the lawn dry out and breathe.

Be sure to rake up any piles of leaves in the fall, left in the yard they can decay and cause huge brown patches in the yard. It can significantly detract from the appearance in your yard.

Fertilize And Reseed

Find a good fertilizer and fertilize your yard annually. It will help to make the lawn look more plush and lush. Many homeowners do this four times per year at the season changes. If you select a slow release fertilizer, you can fertilize it more often, and it will yield great results.

After you fertilize, look for any areas that are brown or bare and reseed these. Choose the right grass seed for your area and after you’ve reseeded the areas that are bare and brown, scatter some of the seed over the rest of the yard to help fill it in even more.


You’re going to have to be patient. Just because you plant it, doesn’t mean it’s going to be instantly gorgeous. A lovely yard and lawn take time and effort. Whenever possible, buy starts in place of seeds. That way, you can have a relatively good idea of placement and how the plants are going to look in your yard.

Water it wisely, plant shady plants in shady areas and those that require full sun in full sun areas. Remember that different plants need different amounts of water. Remember that different areas of your yard will drain differently as well. Give it time to grow properly and be sure to use the right compost and fertilizer on your yard.

Start Small

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your yard isn’t going to be stunningly gorgeous in a day. Start with one smaller sized areas at a time and focus on getting that area going before moving on to another area. As each area becomes what you’re envisioning, slowly begin to build the next phase.

It’s going to take some time and effort, but as you build up an area, you can then maintain it and focus on another part. Over the next few years, your yard will reward you with a luxurious look and be the best-looking yard on the block. By doing this in phases, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed and give up.

Mix And Match

Mix and match your plants. Some people prefer to focus on one primary color and a few complimentary colors. You could have several different colors in your yard, or you could have all the same color, it’s all up to you.

Look at some other yards or look at some design websites to get a few ideas of what you like. Then, set out to your design table and design your dream yard.

Don’t Forget Greenery

Offset the lawn area with some other forms of greenery such as some small bushes or hedges. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as a variety of shades of green.

It’s amazing what a few additions of greenery can do to make your yard look healthier and plusher. With proper placement, you can ensure that your yard is going to look great regardless of the season.


Compost your grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen waste into a compost pile. Allow your compost to turn into a rich brown soil and add this back into your yard a few times per year. Compost will improve the way your yard drains, and it can help to release even more nutrients into your yard thus improving the overall health of your yard.

Composting also attracts worms, beneficial insects and other organisms; it helps to keep your yard looking greener. It’s virtually free to compost, and the resulting rich soil gives your yard plenty of nutrients to help it look lush and green all year long.

Water Properly

Overwatering your yard is easy. Your yard only needs to be watered deeply so that it will absorb the water and the water will reach the roots. Watering too little won’t allow the roots to absorb the water. Per the experts, if you water deep about once per week your yard will get about an inch of water weekly.

This is the ideal amount of water according to the experts, and if you follow this rule, you won’t have to worry about overwatering. It’s best to water earlier in the morning before the sun is too high and when there isn’t any wind. It can help reduce water evaporation.

Following these tips from will go far in helping you to have the best-looking yard on the block. Your neighbors are going to ask how you did it.

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