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Hide A Gun Safe

Fact that you can own a licensed gun, it is critical for you to know how and where to safely store your weapon. You wouldn’t want it falling into the wrong hands and causing havoc. To avoid this, it would be best to invest in a gun safe but understand the best way to conceal it.

Amazingly, there are dozens of creative ways you can create concealments for gun safes in your home that blend in well with the surroundings without being conspicuous.

If you feel the need because of security purposes, then in this article, you will find ways you can easily and creatively hide a gun safe in plain sight and keep intruders guessing.

Why Is It Important To Hide Your Gun Safe In Plain Sight?

The world has become a more crooked place, therefore; it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times to be prepared in case of any emergency. Burglars have mastered tricks and ways of using the right tools to penetrate through safes. So having your safe hidden in plain sight can leave them confused about where your gun is safe.

Also, hiding your safe in plain sight helps reduce the chances of dealing with the aftermath effects in case of a break-in.

Now this calls for creativity because keeping your safe at home can be a tricky challenge. After all, there’s that old saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Therefore, hiding your gun in plain sight makes room for secrecy without creating traffic to your weapon, as people may not be aware, and allows ease of reach at any time.

Two Things To Consider While Choosing A Concealment Place For Your Gun Safe

  • Quick-access

The first consideration when selecting a concealment location is to pick a place that is easily accessible in case of an emergency, and you need to access it quickly. You wouldn’t want to hide your safe in some place that requires a lot of effort and time.

Why own a weapon if you can’t use it in case of an emergency? If a burglar breaks into your house at 3 a.m., you won’t have the time to scramble through the dark and feed the safe the combination of passwords.

To avoid the hassle, hide it in plain sight so it’s convenient for you to easily access it.

  • Safety

Creative Gun Safe

When it comes to guns, then safety should be a priority when choosing a compartment to hide your gun safe. You wouldn’t want your kids or intruders coming in touch with the deadly weapon.

So it is best if you conceal your gun safely in a place that doesn’t scream so much attention and a place you’re in full control of.

Here Are The Top 8 Places You Can Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight

The most important factor is to know where not to hide your gun, for this is not a toy you play around with. The following are great places where you can hide your gun safe in your office or home.

  1. Behind a piece of art or picture frames

Pictures are great for home decor, but who would think of it being a concealment for a safe? No thief would waste their time looking there, and that’s the beauty of this.

All you need is to have your concealment behind your picture frame to secure the gun and ensure it’s in place. Then you can mount it nicely on the wall. You can also add motion detectors to the inside of the picture frame to set the alarm in case your hiding spot is disturbed!

In addition, instead of placing the piece of art or picture frame anywhere, you can place it in a room that doesn’t attract so much traffic.

  1. In a bookshelf

A good, nicely-designed safe that looks like a book is one very creative gun safe to hide your weapon. If you have a small-sized gun that can fit in a book, then you may consider doing this. In fact, it’s one place that most intruders may not think of looking for on a bookshelf.

It may be hard to find this type of gun safe, but if you do, well and good. If not no need to be worried. To achieve this, you can have it custom-made for you or cut out book pages from a hard-covered book in the shape of your firearm and place it inside.

Ensure to blend it well with the rest of the books on your bookshelf.

  1. Under furniture

There are quite a several pieces of furniture that can be used as concealment places and still be functional in other ways. However, this may require you to have the furniture made to meet the purpose of hiding your gun safely.

Many great companies make incredible furniture that contains gun storage in them, in that When closed, you would be very hard-pressed to know what is there.

Some of the great pieces include the gun bench, behind mirrors storage, shelf and cabinets. The beauty of these is that they are multi-functional

  1. Fake Wall storage/outlets

Another recommended option is to purchase wall concealment or build one yourself. It is installed between studs and the wall and has a unique design to it. A concealment like this is completely invisible to a thief and a great way to trick them. All you have to do is find a wall where you can safely hide your safe.

Thankfully, there are many available creative designs from which you can choose and use as your wall concealment method. Even if it requires time, money, and effort (for example, drilling holes in the walls to install the safe), it will undoubtedly pay off. You can invest your money right away and be sure to profit greatly in the long run.

  1. In the Garage

If you cannot find a hidden place in your house, then the garage is another great place to hide your gun safe. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a safe cloak or safe cover. These covers easily fit over your gun safe and give it a cabinet-like appearance.

Well, are they extremely convincing up close? No. From a distance, however, most people would assume you have a large closet or cabinet.

Make sure that only you have access to that location, as no one else should be able to access it.

  1. Under the sink

When was the last time you actually remembered there is dead space under your sink cabinets? Well, this place would do a pretty good job at holding the gun safe, but with a little bit of modification to create the concealment space.

Also, ensure that it’s not too close to any plumbing that could leak and disclose your secret gun safe.

  1. Behind a wall clock

What about concealing a gun safe in a wall clock?

For this, you don’t even need to cut a hole in the wall to install this concealment clock. Simply move the clock’s hands to the unlock positions and press the upper half. The clock’s hinge will open to reveal a hidden compartment inside. Genius!

  1. In the closet

Talking of the closet, it would be best to use the closest in any other room than the master bedroom because this could be the first place burglars might check for valuables. Simply have concealment at the back of your closet, place your clothes in, and one could hardly have a clue.


It’s such a great feeling knowing that you’re armed to the teeth while no one can suspect or have a clue about your secret gun safe. The creativity of these gun safes has come a long way to making it easier for you as a gun owner to easily hide firearms while staying safe and prepared in case of any emergency.

So weigh out and see which concealment method conveniently works for you and your space.

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